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Medication Management


Medication management is one of the biggest obstacles for independent-living seniors. According to reports, as many as 50% of people in the United States do not take medications as instructed. Failure to properly follow dosage and instructions leads to more frequent hospitalizations and readmissions. Those with chronic health conditions are the most at-risk.

MedaCheck is a simple-to-use, dedicated tablet specifically designed to remind seniors of their medications each day. Through timely medication reminders and access to key information and education about medications,

MedaCheck provides the support necessary to stay on track. Daily reminders help you stay on your regimen, so that you can take each of your over-the-counter and prescribed medications at the right time, every time.


The Benefits of MedaCheck



  • Provides clear information for each medication, including pictures
  • Allows you to better organize your over-the-counter and prescribed medications
  • Offers real-time feedback for your health care provider
  • Acts as your alarm, reminding you when to take your medication
  • Serves as your personal backup, and alerts your caregiver if you forget to take a dosage or have confusion over your medication. 

MedaCheck is Easy to Use. Here's Why:

  • Once you purchase your MedaCheck tablet, you or your caregiver will let us know all your medications, nutritional supplements, or vitamins. We do all the setup.
  • Your MedaCheck will ship to you and you just need to plug it in.
  • You will receive ongoing alerts when it’s time to take your medication
  • Your caregiver, family members, or medical professionals are able to see ongoing, real-time updates about the status of your health
  • If you miss a dosage, you will receive a reminder call from the MedaCheck call center, and after that, your caregiver or family member will be alerted.

MedaCheck...helping seniors live independently with confidence!

  • To learn more, call TriHealth MedaCheck: 513 569 5115

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