Stepping On Fall Prevention Training

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TriHealth Rehabilitation Hospital
2155 Dana Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45207


Tuesday - Thursday
January 29, 30, and 31, 2019
9:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.


$325 per person


Who Should Attend

Health care professionals who are interested in teaching the program in their community or facility.

Professionals are required to be trained in pairs from the same organization.

Why Should You Attend:

  • Stepping On is an evidence-based, fall prevention program that has been shown to reduce falls by 31 percent
  • You will become a certified Program Facilitator able to teach this program in your community or facility
  • Facilitators will receive a curriculum for the seven-week (2 hours per week) Stepping on Fall Prevention Program
  • This is the only Midwest training offered outside of Madison, Wisconsin
  • Significant cost savings for local training
  • Learn about simple and fun balance and strength training
  • Learn about how medications can contribute to falls
  • Learn how to eliminate fall hazards in your home or business
  • Learn ways to keep from falling when out in the community
  • Understand the role that vision plays in balance
  • Understand the importance of vitamin D and calcium in protection against fall injuries
  • Learn what to look for when shopping for safe footwear

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