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TriHealth provides patient centric care. We are a non-profit medical institution that exists to treat patients with care and compassion. When you enter our doors, you become part of the TriHealth family. This means that your nursing team, your physicians, your counselors and all of your care givers invest their energy into your wellness.

You likely have many questions.

Why you and why us?

We will walk with you through your illness.

You are likely asking yourself why you have received your recent diagnosis. This was not part of your plan. Your family, friends and workplace need you and cancer is not part of your schedule. You confront what to do next, where to learn more and upon whom you can depend. We are here to be part of your life as you make your most important decisions.

Your life is about you. Our role is to provide you with compassionate care, honest information and comfort. This is personal. For you and for us. We provide a healing environment.

Unfortunately, we all have friends and family members who have cancer. We know that your situation will be different as no two people have the same experiences or responses. Our network of highly skilled and caring nurses, physicians and care givers will stand by you throughout your journey.

Our patient Debbie Walter says it well, “Dr. Basil never gave her an ultimate prognosis for her disease. “He told me the statistics, butI don’t think there is a true answer,” she says. “Ovarian cancer is so different in everybody. My attitude isto stay positive. Of course you have moments where you’re upset and scared, but having a positive out look and being proactive are the best things you can do for yourself.”

While a major goal is to “beat” cancer, our primary objective is to ease the treatment process for you.

When you are in our care:

Yes, TriHealth is a very big place. While big places have big resources and many options, such as leading clinical trials and choices like surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and alternative treatments – what matters to us is you. We work with you to make choices that make sense.

For you this is a personal and individual experience. Our expertise provides you with world class options. For you, we will make it seamless.

As said by our Breast Cancer patient Emma Tiemeyer, “You couldn’t ask for a better group of people. They are all so caring. After the first visit the doctors and nurses knew me by name. It was always, “Hi Emma, how are you?” You’re never just a random patient.”

This is about your individual path and experience. We want you to feel that you are among friends. Your life plan now may include more time with us than you imagined. The people with whom you interact – your nurse navigators – make your plan their personal objective. When they transition to survivorship, many patients say they miss the friends that they made at TriHealth.

We are physicians, hospitals and communities working together to help you live better.