Ten Reasons to Be Thankful Through Your Cancer Treatment

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ThanksgivingIf you are struggling with reasons to be thankful this holiday season, here are 10 reasons that might point you in the right direction:

1. Perspective

Being diagnosed with cancer can bombard you with a lot of negative perspectives. However, patients also find that they inhabit positive perspectives during their treatment for lack of any other option. When you are faced with the daunting battle of cancer, you must pick yourself up and fight. Albeit hard, when you start to see each day as a blessing, you automatically begin to see life with a more valuable perspective.

2. Small Victories

Any kind of positive results are victories. Be grateful for each step that gets you closer to beating cancer. Whether it is a successful surgery, clean scans, or just a “good day”, soak in these small victories and be thankful for the hope they provide.

3. Moments Shared with Loved Ones

During cancer treatment it is easy to get discouraged when looking at the future. You may feel like you won’t have enough time with loved ones. For this reason, the moments that you do
reach with loved ones is something to be cherished. Whether it is taking your child to their first day of Kindergarten, celebrating an anniversary, dancing with your daughter on her wedding day, or other moments shared, these are all moments to be grateful for.

4. Support System

Having a reliable support system is one of the biggest blessings and coping mechanisms when going through cancer treatment. Although they may not understand, there are people around you that will support you no matter what. Don’t forget about the importance and role of your support system in your life.

5. Insurance

Having insurance is a reason to be thankful that is often overlooked. Without insurance, you may not be able to go through the treatments you need. A lot of people turn down treatment because they have no insurance. If you are a person that does not have insurance, be thankful that you have the ability to seek alternate resources that can help you with treatment costs.

6. Treatment Options

With each day, doctors are working to find new ways to treat cancer. Be grateful that you are living in a time where there are so many treatment options catered specifically to your diagnosis. They may not be perfect, but they are vital tools to helping you along your path to getting better.

7. Honest Dialogue with a Confidant

Whether it is a family member, a friend, your doctor, or a counselor, honest dialogue with someone you trust about your diagnosis is a reason to be thankful. To be able to talk openly about your emotional, mental, and physical struggles relieves stress and takes away the pressure you feel to carry the burden alone.

8. Holidays

Holidays can be stressful, but they are also one of the biggest opportunities to spend quality time with loved ones. Be grateful for the time that you will be able to spend with the people you love this holiday season.

9. Empathy

Each person’s journey with cancer is unique - no two are the same. However, there will always be people going through similar things that you are. If you seek mediums of support that can offer you this empathy, or maybe you already have, that feeling that someone “gets it” can be an incredible reason to be thankful.

10. Gratitude - The Path Less Traveled

Fighting cancer is intimidating, discouraging, and exhausting. To face your diagnosis with a positive attitude is truly the path less traveled. However, finding reasons to be grateful this season will increase your quality of life, make you stronger, and change your outlook with the new year. If these reasons don’t resonate with you, actively search for your own reasons to be grateful this month. Even if it is just for 30 days, you will be glad that you found perspective, spent time with loved ones, and embraced an attitude of thanks.


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