ENGAGE Leadership Coaching

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ENGAGE Leadership Coaching is a comprehensive, holistic program designed to develop and enhance leadership effectiveness. This program helps leaders achieve optimal performance, success, and well-being while improving their professional relationships. ENGAGE combines the critical elements of emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual health to maximize the effectiveness and success of leaders.


This one-on-one coaching assists with developing and utilizing competencies associated with Emotional Intelligence (EQ). An experienced Leadership Coach helps to maximize the participant's effectiveness in managing, engaging, and inspiring individuals and teams. Research demonstrates these competencies account for up to 75 percent of leadership success in businesses of all sizes and industries.


This one-on-one coaching offers the added opportunity to meet with other corporate leaders. The day-long session includes classroom and experiential learning, discussion groups, and hands-on exercises. This group session focuses in depth on competencies of Emotional Intelligence and how these powerful skills enhance success.


Comprehensive, interactive group approach conducted on site for leaders within the same organization. ENGAGE Team focuses on educational and team-building opportunities; however, individual coaching sessions also can be included. This customizable program enables leaders to achieve optimal performance by assisting in the development and effective utilization of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) skills, which are critical to leadership success.

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