Disability Management

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TriHealth EAP provides Behavioral Health Disability Case Management Services including a comprehensive assessment, case management and any necessary consultation services.

Multiple services for both the employee and family members, when integrated and implemented properly, will provide a win/win situation for the employee and the employer.


TriHealth EAP defines disability in terms of functional ability rather than in terms of symptoms. Case managers recognize that work is a therapeutic part of every employee's life. Given assistance and support, a greater number of individuals will return to work in a more timely manner.

Core Assessment

  • Comprehensive psychosocial assessment
  • Evaluation of current functional abilities and disabilities
  • Evaluation of current medications as reported by employee
  • Evaluation of overall medical condition
  • Assessment of history, development and treatment of the disabling psychiatric condition

Work History Assessment

  • Detailed assessment of work history (provided by employee’s supervisor)
  • Assessment of historical data related to any lost work time
  • Assessment of any relationship between work stress and associated disability

Treatment Planning

  • Recommendation for ongoing intervention by appropriate behavioral health professional
  • Assessment of appropriateness of current treatment, including level of case and need for independent medical evaluation
  • Assessment of support systems
  • Development of goals and objectives for employee’s return to work
  • Determination of approximate return-to-work dates in collaboration with treatment provider

Case Management

  • Monitoring of employee’s progress in treatment via contact with the treatment provider
  • Periodic written disability status updates to designated company personnel with employee consent
  • Follow-up with employee for up to 60 days from date of return to work to assist with adjustment process
  • Consultation with the company regarding return-to-work strategies and any needed accommodations

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