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Data That Leads to Action

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TriHealth Analytics offers the actionable data that leads to medical cost savings for your organization and improved health status for employees. We mine, collect and analyze data, in order to make recommendations and help your company implement unique, meaningful programs.

Innovative and Web-Based

TriHealth Analytics combines the best of both worlds: an innovative web-based data analytics and monitoring system powered by Artemetrx, and the expertise of our clinical cost-containment analysis team. You can expect the benefits of:

  • A comprehensive reporting system specific to your population.
  • A high-impact way to aggregate and analyze employee health-related data.
  • A team of professionals who work to ensure your return on investment.

TriHealth Analytics: Helping Reduce Health Care Costs for You

By identifying cost drivers, recommending targeted interventions and directly measuring impact, we develop solutions that lead to medical cost savings for your organization, as well as improved health status for employees. We stand out because: 

  • Our initial State of the Union analysis gives you an instant snapshot of your organization's 'low-hanging fruit' healthcare issues
  • We provide a secure, web based dashboard, generated by running your data through hundreds of proven medical algorithms
  • Our cost containment analysis team, consisting of physicians, Ph.D. pharmacists, nurses, counselors and wellness professionals, can conduct a clinical review and evaluation.
  • Return on investment for TriHealth Analytics can be in as few as three to six months, measured by your own claims and clinical data

Why Employers Choose TriHealth Analytics:

  • Rapid Implementation: With few resources required from you, we are typically ready to begin recommendations within two to four weeks after receiving your data.
  • Practical Solutions to a Problem: We not only identify problems-we show you how to fix them. Our clinical team uses the integrated data to make sound recommendations for cost savings and health improvement, while always maintaining or improving clinical outcomes and employee satisfaction.
  • Immediate, Realizable Return on Investment: Because we can begin work so quickly and integrate clinical and financial expertise, most clients save a multiple of their investment within months.

We Make Data Integration Efficient and Easy

We can integrate all of your data for a total view of usage and spending for your members including:

  • Eligibility
  • Medical and pharmacy claims
  • Health risk appraisal and biometric data
  • Provider data
  • Workers' compensation claims
  • Time and attendance
  • Case management and disease management events
  • HSA and HRA participation and funding levels
  • Readiness to change surveys
  • Wellness and incentive program participation

We are physicians, hospitals and communities working together to help you live better.