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Our Health and Wellness Coaching programs take a proven, interactive approach to improving the overall health and lifestyle behaviors of each participant, addressing a range of issues, including weight management, exercise, nutrition, work/life balance and more:


Wellness Consultation: 1-Session Model 

Telephonic consultation for participants with identified risk factors. Typically 20 minutes in length, these consultations provide guidance on setting and achieving SMART Goals for lifestyle behavior changes to decrease individual health risks. TriHealth works with coaching clients to help them more fully understand the programs and services available within their benefit packages or through community partnerships.


Health Coaching:  Up to 5-Session Model & Up to 12-Session Model 

Individual, one-on-one coaching that provides the most effective way to impact and sustain long-term lifestyle behaviors. Through our health coaching model, we utilize motivational interviewing techniques to assist participants in generating their own goals and action plans. This allows them to build self-confidence and access resources most meaningful and effective for their needs while achieving sustainable behavior change.


Chronic Condition Management 

Focused specifically for individuals with complex, chronic or co-occurring conditions, this coaching-based program assists those with multiple barriers that often prevent their ability to engage in healthy lifestyles. TriHealth helps these participants to modify and sustain behaviors so as to improve their medical outcomes and enhance their quality of life.


We take a personalized approach and provide the ongoing support of a health coach as well as specialty consultations as needed with other clinicians (i.e. registered dietitian, certified diabetes educator, and/or counselor.) The program typically offers an active and follow-up phase.


To learn more about health and wellness coaching through TriHealth Corporate Health, call 513 891 1622.


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