DeQuervain’s Disease

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DeQuervain’s Disease is one of the most common forms of tendonitis, found in the hands and upper extremities. Its many causes include diabetes, injuries to the wrist and highly repetitive activities of the wrist. Mothers and grandmothers of newborns are particularly susceptible as they frequently lift babies in and out of cribs, strollers and car seats.

Symptoms are an inflammation of the lining of the wrist tendons near the base of the thumb with a subsequent narrowing of the tunnel they glide in. Patients notice that sudden movements of the wrist in the direction of the small finger will produce significant pain at the wrist near the thumb.

Most of the time, tendonitis can be treated by splints and/or cortisone injections and/or anti-inflammatory drugs. Complete relief is a common result. About 30% of patients require surgical release under a local anesthetic.

A surgeon that specializes in hand surgery can provide patients with accurately placed injections and direct his/her rehabilitation with efficiency and speed.

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