Dupuytren’s Disease

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Dupuytren’s Disease is a hereditary condition seen most often in males of Northern European descent. Showing up in the palm of the hand, it’s a thickening of the fascia, which is a supportive structure between the tendons and the skin (it’s also what prevents palmier skin from slipping when firmly gripping objects).

The disease presents as a small lump in the palm skin crease at the base of the ring or small finger. It may progress to a cord formation running from the finger to the wrist. Further progression can cause the finger to begin contracting towards the palm

Treatment varies according to the progression – from doing nothing to surgical treatment. Surgery varies from minimally invasive to complete renewal of the fascia in the palm and affected fingers. Post-surgery, it is necessary to coordinate patients’ splinting and therapy. Hand Surgeon Specialists works closely with therapists to accomplish this.

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