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IMPORTANT COVID-19 Coronavirus Updates Regarding Visitor Restrictions


As of 7am March 1st, two visitors ( must be at least 16 yo) may accompany the maternity patient during their stay. The two visitors must remain the same and cannot switch out during the stay. Due to safety reasons, only one visitor is allowed in the OR for a Cesarean delivery. In cases of adoption or surrogacy, one visitor is allowed for the maternity patient and two visitors are allowed for the fetus/neonate (three total). The NICU/SCN visitation policy will not change.

All visitors will be screened per protocol before entering the hospital. All maternity patients will be tested for COVID prior to admission for scheduled deliveries (within 72-96 hours prior to admission)and upon admission for non-scheduled deliveries.

If a visitor leaves the hospital they will need to be rescreened upon arrival and will need to check into the appropriate maternity unit and show photo ID to be readmitted.

NICU/SCN Visitation:

The visitation list for infants in the Good Samaritan Hospital NICU and Bethesda North Special Care Nursery (SCN) will be limited to Mom and the holder of the second ID bracelet. They can come at the same time. Any time an approved visitor enters the hospital, they will need to bring their ID bracelet with them to help identify that they are an approved visitor. Visitors will then need to undergo screening, which will include both a risk questionnaire and temperature check, prior to being permitted to enter the NICU or SCN. No one under 18 will be allowed in the unit.

Neonatal Follow-up Clinic:

The infant/child may be accompanied to their neonatal follow up visit by up to two primary caregivers. Caregivers will need to undergo screening, which will include both a risk questionnaire and temperature check, prior to entering the clinic space. No children other than the patient themselves are allowed in clinic.

For the allowed exceptions, these rules apply:

  • No visitors who have recently traveled outside the country are allowed in the building.
  • No one with symptoms of COVID-19 are allowed in patient care areas (fever, cough, respiratory symptoms).
  • All visitors must check in at nurse’s stations and use hand sanitizer upon entry of the patient care area.
  • No minors are allowed inside the hospital.

Your Hospital Stay


Having a baby is an exciting time and brings with it many new experiences. We want you to have the best stay possible in the short time you are here. Our goal is to meet your expectations, while giving you an idea of what to expect when you are here. The average length of stay is less than two to three days. There is a lot to do in that short time, and you will experience multiple interruptions in your day with visits from staff members who are there to ensure you and your baby have everything you need before your discharge. 

Our hospitals offer a “Mommy Quiet Time” daily to allow for one and a half hours without interruptions, unless you want to be available for a particular interaction.

Having a baby takes a lot of energy. If you feel you are someone who requires additional down time, you may consider limiting your visitors so you have more time to rest and less time being a host.

After discharge from the hospital you may receive a follow up phone call from one of the nurses from the Post-Partum Unit. This call is provided to check to see how things are going at home and answer any questions you may have regarding your discharge instructions. If you are not at home we will leave a message allowing you the opportunity to return the call.


TriHealth cafeterias offer reasonably priced meals and snacks and are open at varying times.

Gift Shops

TriHealth gift shops offer a variety of gifts, including flowers, balloons, stuffed animals, magazines and cards. At Good Samaritan, the  Guild Gift Shop is located on the First Floor, and a smaller Clifton Corner Shop is located on the Sixth Floor. Bethesda North Hospital has a  gift shop on the First Floor near the main entrance.

Support Services

Bethesda North and Good Samaritan hospitals offer a variety of support services for mothers-to-be. Chaplains are available to meet spiritual needs. Grief support nurses are available to assist in meeting emotional and spiritual needs if you should experience a loss during any stage of your pregnancy. Social Services representatives provide counseling and referrals to community resources, and patient representatives coordinate communication between patients and the hospital to help resolve problems, concerns and unmet needs.

Pastoral Care

Patient Representative

  • Bethesda North: 513 865 1115
  • Good Samaritan: 513 862 2582

Perinatal Grief Specialist

  • Bethesda North and Good Samaritan 513 862 1163

TriHealth wants your birth experience to be a joyful one. However, in the event of a difficult outcome, TriHealth offers the support of a perinatal grief specialist.

Cell Phones

Cell phones are permitted in the hospital on units where monitoring is not in place. Cell phones are not permitted in the NICU or the Special Care Nursery. Reception may be poor in some areas. 

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