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Maternity Resource Guides

Please refer to the guides for information related to pregnancy, post-partum care and breastfeeding. Any additional questions should be discussed with your physician or midwife.

*The information in these books are to be used as guidelines. Medical advances are being made every day, so please check with you physician or midwife if you have any questions.

FAQ During Pregnancy

Guidelines for Healthy Eating

During your nine months of pregnancy, you are your baby’s main source of nourishment. Learn what nutritients you need and how to get them. Learn more.

Health Concerns During Pregnancy

From high blood pressure and high blood sugar to premature labor, learn what health concerns to watch out for during your pregnancy, and how to deal with them. Learn more.

Informed Consent

It's important to fully understand the risks and benefits of pregnancy and childbirth. See Informed Consents in various languages. Learn more.

Postpartum Depression

Learn everything you need to know about postpartum depression and take our self-test to learn if you have post-partum depression or anxiety. Learn more.

Safety Concerns During Pregnancy

From travel guidelines to house cleaning and medications, find recommendations for the most common safety concerns during pregnancy. Learn more.

Safe Sleep Video

Ver el video de Safe Sleep en español aquí.

Maternity Consent Video

Any questions regarding this video should be directed to your physician or midwife, prior to signing the maternity informed consent.


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