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What is Urogynecology?
A urogynecologist is a physician who specializes in the study and treatment of pelvic floor dysfunctions. They evaluate and treat female urinary incontinence, pelvic prolapse (bulging of the bladder, uterus, or rectum into the vagina), overactive bladder, and fecal incontinence. Urogynecology is a subspecialty of gynecology and urology that requires a residency followed by fellowship training that focuses solely on these disorders. Cincinnati Urogynecology Associates is affiliated with the Good Samaritan Women's Center for Specialized Care, which provides comprehensive health services for women.

Where are your offices?
Cincinnati Urogynecology Associates has four locations. Our primary office is at 8020 Liberty Way, 2nd Floor, in West Chester. Call 513 463 4300 for an appointment. We also see patients at:

  • Good Samaritan Women's Center, located in the Good Samaritan Medical Office Building at 3219 Clifton Ave., Suite 100, Cincinnati, OH 45220 
  • Anderson located at 7777 Beechmont Ave, Suite 100, Cincinnati, OH 45255
  • Kenwood located at 8240 Northcreek Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45236

All locations are affiliated with TriHealth and the Good Samaritan Women's Center.

Were do the doctors perform surgery?
Rachel N. Pauls MD, FACOG, Catrina Crisp MD, MSc, FACOG and Jennifer Yeung DO, FACOG, FPMRS perform surgeries at Good Samaritan and Bethesda North hospitals.

Does your office require a referral? 
While we receive referrals from both physicians and patients, an appointment can be scheduled without a physician referral. Prior to scheduling your first visit, please be sure that your insurance does not require a physician referral. 

CUA OfficeHow do I schedule an appointment?
To schedule an appointment, please contact our office at 513 463 4300. As a courtesy, we do ask for a 24-hour notice if canceling a scheduled appointment.

Do you accept my insurance?
While we accept many different insurance plans, we do recommend that you call your insurance company to verify coverage for your visit(s) with our practice.

What should I bring to my first appointment?
We will mail a New Patient Packet prior to your first appointment. Please bring the completed packet forms as well as your insurance card to the first appointment. Your insurance company may also require a co-payment for office visits.  

What to Expect on Your First Visit

Before your first visit:
You’ll receive a packet of information to complete before your first visit. This packet contains directions to our office locations, basic registration forms, medical history form, and symptom diaries. Please fill them out and bring them in to your first visit. This is done so you can spend time in our office directly interacting with our physicians and staff. The forms assist our physicians and staff in planning for your visit.

During your first visit:
Your first visit will last approximately 1 to 1 ½ hours.  A  member of our clinical team will take and record vital signs while the physician reviews the packet that you completed. One of our physicians will then meet with you to discuss your packet, medical history, reasons for the visit, significant problems or symptoms that you are having, and how any problems or symptoms affect your quality of life.

If you have incontinence, prolapse, or bladder issues:
After talking with the physician, you will be instructed to use the restroom (in the exam room) and undress for an exam. This exam is similar to the exam by your gynecologist. Our specialist is looking for physical changes that may have caused your symptoms.

Typically, a bladder test is done to understand the scope and origin of your symptoms. The bladder test generally takes approximately 15-20 minutes and will provide a measurement of your bladder function. Once the test is completed, the physician will review all of the findings from your exam and bladder testing. A course of treatment will then be defined. It might include physical therapy, medication, other testing, and/or surgery, depending on the severity of your symptoms. 

Online Resources:

Cincinnati Urogynecology Associates - Phone
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Cincinnati Urogynecology - Good Sam Office
Good Sam Medical Office Building 3219 Clifton Ave., Suite 100
Cincinnati, OH 45220
Call 513 463 4300
Cincinnati Urogynecology - West Chester Office
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West Chester, OH 45069
Fax 513 463 4310
Cincinnati Urogynecology Associates - Anderson
7777 Beechmont Ave, Suite 100
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*Off Galbraith Road, across from Kenwood Towne Centre
8240 Northcreek Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45236
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