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A Message from Patrick E. Muck MD, FACS
Program Director


The vascular surgery residency at Good Samaritan Hospital provides an exceptional clinical experience for residents interested in a career as a vascular surgeon. The program combines a high volume of experience, exposure to the latest advances in endovascular and vascular surgery, and a program structure that optimizes the learning experience.

Accredited for the traditional 5+2 as well as the integrated 0+5 program, the vascular surgery residency at Good Samaritan Hospital is unparalleled in endovascular and open vascular surgery volume for a community hospital. ACGME data place our residents' volume consistently at or above the 90th percentile among all programs nationwide. Our residents receive significant experience in carotid stenting and thoracic endografting. They perform numerous open aneurysm and carotid surgeries, and they receive ample opportunities to read and interpret ultrasounds in our busy vascular laboratory; the John J. Cranley Vascular Laboratory.

Because of its high volume, Good Samaritan Hospital is involved in many FDA vascular studies including Zilver PTX, GORE AAA, CHOICE, BRAVO, FER-PAD, and EMPIRE. We are currently enrolling in SAPPHIRE, ATTRACT, INSPIRATION, and CANOPY. Good Samaritan Hospital was chosen as the first center in the Greater Cincinnati Region to be trained by Cook on their new fenestrated stent graft. This means that residents are exposed to the newest devices and procedures in the field. Supported by the E. Kenneth Hatton MD Institute for Research and Education, residents have the opportunity to participate in both bench and clinical research during their residency.

Good Samaritan Hospital has 24-hour in-house general surgery coverage from third and fourth year general surgery residents who manage much of the routine patient care. This frees the vascular resident to focus on developing their specialized surgery and endovascular skills during their training.

Our program focuses on developing well-trained, well-rounded vascular surgeons with a wide range of experience. We welcome inquiries into our program and look forward to making a personal presentation to those who interview with us.

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