Integrated Program

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The vascular surgery residency at Good Samaritan Hospital is fully accredited and offers both an integrated 0+5 tract as well as a traditional 5+2 program. The addition of the integrated program offers matriculating senior medical students the unique opportunity to match directly into a vascular surgery residency without having to complete a traditional five year general surgery training program.

Twenty-four months are dedicated to a core general surgery curriculum, during which the vascular surgery resident will have the opportunity to participate in a wide array of general and vascular surgery procedures. This format also allows the integrated resident the opportunity to participate in a number of unique rotations, including the John J. Cranley Vascular Laboratory, CT and MRI imaging, cardiology, cardiac surgery, and the trauma service. Thirty-six months are dedicated specifically to vascular surgery training, with the final twelve months spent exclusively on the vascular surgery program director's primary service.

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