Vascular Surgery Residents

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7th Year Vascular Fellow

  • Mark Broering MDMark Broering MD
    University of Kentucky

6th Year Vascular Fellow

  • Tim Fuller MDTim Fuller MD
    Mercer University

5th Year Resident (0+5 Program)

  • Whitney Thorne DOWhitney Thorne DO
    Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

3rd Year Resident (0+5 Program)

  • Evan-NevilleEvan Neville MD
    University of Kansas School of Medicine

2nd Year Resident (0+5 Program)

  • Brent Robertson MDBrent Robertson MD
    University of Cincinnati

1st Year Resident (0+5 Program)

  • Graham Rucker MDGraham Rucker MD
    The Ohio State University

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