EMS Student Orientation Checklist

Required eLearnings

Welcome to TriHealth’s EMS Clinical Rotation. We are happy to serve your needs as an EMS Provider. Before you attend one of our hospitals, there are a requirements you must complete. To access the requirements, go to TriHealth.com/Elearning and select the Student Orientation link. This will send you to TriHealth eLearning. Under this section – pick Student Orientation. This will send you to the Student Resource page. On this page – under All Students Must Complete the Following – there are 16 assignments to complete. Programs highlighted in red need to be printed and given to your instructor who will keep them on file.

All students must complete the following:

Below are the programs to be completed prior to the student assignment at TriHealth. You must receive an 80% or higher to pass quizzes. All programs that need to be completed can be found here.

  • WBT20: COVID-19 Self-Assessment Screening
  • Annual Mandatory Education
  • Diversity and Inclusion at TriHealth
  • SOAR Always Behaviors at TriHealth
  • SERVE Video
  • WBT18: Lasting Impressions – AIDET + The Promise
  • WBT19: Safety and Reliability Overview
  • IRIS Submitting an Incident WBT
  • Infection Prevention Overview: WBT
  • WBT20: No Pass Zone
  • Student Orientation Checklist Attestation

Uniform Requirement

TriHealth requires a certain “uniform” to be worn to identify you as a student:

  • Your class uniform shirt
  • White collared buttoned shirt
  • Navy blue or black or khaki pants
  • EMS/station navy blue pants
  • No jeans
  • Black shoes
  • Station boots
  • No gym shoes
  • Black
  • Navy blue
  • Station belt

The student must have an ID from the school program.

To Sign Up for EMS Clinical Rotations

Contact Debra Walker – EMS Coordinator
Text the following number: (513) 207-4224
Text the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your school program name
  • Your type of program:
    • EMT
    • Advanced EMT
    • Paramedic