In A Woman’s World | Nov. 23, 2015

In A Woman’s World was a conference pertaining to topics of women’s health issues presented by Hatton Research Institute at Good Samaritan Hospital on Nov. 23 2015.

Today, the life expectancy for American women is 82 years of age, and continues to rise. Women deal with specific health challenges in their youth, during child bearing years, and as they age.

Conference Topics

  • Injuries and the experience of arthritis differs between men and women. These differences are based many factors, including structural anatomy, genetics, and hormones. (Conference lecture given by Mark Snyder, MD.) 

  • Health issues and concerns in the perinatal period are significant. These include pre-term delivery, gestational diabetes, maternal anemia, and outcomes of triplet pregnancies. (Conference lecture given by Donna Lambers, MD.)

  • Venous insufficiency impact women in a variety of ways.  New treatments for varicose veins have improved outcomes. (Conference lecture given by Patrick Muck, MD.)

  • Heart disease is the leading cause of death among women in the United States. Over one in three adult women in the US have some form of cardiovascular disease. (Conference lecture given by Puvi Seshiah, MD.)

  • Certain cancers are of specific concern to women. These include not only cancer of the female organs, such as breast, cervix, uterus, and ovary, but also cancer of the pancreas, colon, and lung. (Conference lecture given by Kevin Schuler, MD.)

  • Maintaining core muscle strength is important during the aging process. (Conference lecture given by Stephanie Sobel, CNP.)