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If your research study falls into the category of Nursing Research, please follow the flowchart below to submit your study. A Nursing Research study has a registered nurse as the principal investigator and involves the search for or validation of knowledge about issues of importance to the nursing profession.

Nurse has idea for research study; obtains input/support of colleagues, nurse manger, etc...


Review the document Process for Developing Nursing Research on LinkNet*
*NOTE: LinkNet is only available to those on the TriHealth network


Meet with the TriHealth Nurse Researcher


Research protocol is developed


Submit to Nursing Research Proposal Review Committee

Administrative Review 

Agreement Initiation (e.g. data use agreement, material transfer agreement, etc.) as required by Administrative Review

IRB Preparation and Submission 

IRB Approval, and Executed Agreements (if applicable)

Initiate Study Activities


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