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Innovation and Medical Education are the focus of the TriHealth Minimally Invasive Training Center (MITC). Our goal is to improve patient outcomes through innovative techniques by training physicians and other clinicians in our facility. We partner with clinicians and sponsors in the pursuit of advancing surgical techniques and quality improvement- both in technique and device advancements. Our facility hosts a daVinci Robot that can be used for training courses. These courses take place within our newly renovated lab which helps to cultivate creative ideas, innovation and education.

The TriHealth MITC is designed exclusively for healthcare practitioners and medical industry professionals to participate in and/or conduct educational, hands-on training courses to advance the quality of patient care through new medical research, techniques and/or device development assistance. Our goal is to help facilitate the learning of sound surgical techniques while helping sponsors and clinicians expound new ones.

We continue to explore the use of innovative technologies and strategies. The TriHealth MITC is a well-known leader, counting among its resources leading-edge research, product development assistance, translational outcomes and quality improvement.

Education and Training

MITC Education and Training

The TriHealth MITC offers a wide range of educational programs.

Be involved as an apprentice, or the lead instructor, in hands-on teaching and training which includes new or advanced surgical instruments/techniques. Come observe a case at our hospital and experience the motto ‘See one, Do one’- to gain a real-time experience.

The TriHealth MITC provides real-time practical way for clinicians: physicians, nurses, surgical assistants, or other Health Care Providers to gain OR experience procedurally and to train on new equipment, devices or procedures.

Participate in our newly designed and trademarked *INCEPT*program (Intensive Care Emergency Procedure Training)or design your own training program based on the needs of your Fellows, Residents, Medical Students, or other Health Care Providers to give them hands on training to provide better patient care and outcomes.
**(for details on the INCEPT program click on the + next to the Minimally Invasive Training Center on the top left menu, then click on the Procedural Trainings for more information)

The TriHealth MITC can provide services to help you develop your own program, tailored to you and the needs of your HCP group. Examples include protocol design and writing, study design, CME credit, personalized outcomes, possible outcome based publications, as well as help with grant writing and funding.

Medical Device Innovation

The TriHealth MITC has the ability to support many different industries and their research and development needs for product development and innovation. Bring in your own medical expert, or inquire about partnering or collaboration with a TriHealth physician to provide feedback about device use or design.

About Us

About Us MITC

  • USDA Accredited.
  • AAALAC accreditation since 2014.
  • Specimen…..In-Vivo training models, Cadaver specimens screened and tested.
  • The TriHealth MITC facilities include 3 OR Stations, each equipped with OR bed, OR lights with in light overhead camera, video recording capabilities, and laparoscopic capabilities similar to an OR setting perfect for your research or training needs.
  • The TriHealth MITC can also provide imaging capabilities such as Fluoroscopy with a C-Arm or ultrasound.
  • A da Vinci Si robotic system may be available for use in the lab.
  • A conference room with complete AV hookup perfect for a didactic presentation before your lab and also debrief after product development or training labs is available upon request.
  • The TriHealth MITC can also provide catering for your event or work with you on the logistics and set up of an outside caterer.

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