Diabetes and Your Doctor

Tips to Understand Diabetes

When you have diabetes, there is a whole team of people who can help you understand your doctor’s orders. The members of your team are your doctor, nurse, dietitian, pharmacist, and YOU.

  • You may need to ask the doctor to explain what he or she wants you to do in a way that you understand such as no big medical terms.

  • Some people feel more comfortable asking the nurse to explain to them what the doctor said. Ask to talk with the nurse about what you don’t still understand or need help with.

  • If you have any questions about your medicines, ask your pharmacist.

  • You can ask the other members of the team to write down what they are telling you.

  • Some people learn better by looking at pictures rather than reading print. If printed information is hard for you or a loved one to read, ask the team members if they have pictures about what they are teaching you.
In a medical emergency, call 911.