TriHealth Cancer Institute Opens New Infusion Center at Good Samaritan Hospital

June 05, 2014

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The TriHealth Cancer Institute at Good Samaritan Hospital opened a new, state-of-the-art infusion center on Monday, June 9th. “This is a new model of infusion — something that hasn’t been seen before,” explains Mark Witte, Executive Director of the TriHealth Cancer Institute.

Uniquely Designed to Meet Patient Needs

Melinda TraylorMelinda Traylor

The new center was designed with a single purpose in mind: creating an environment of healing. It incorporates large windows with high ceilings allowing for an open space, while at the same time, offering privacy for both patients and family members with individual infusion areas. “An architectural feature of the new space is an abundance of windows, allowing us to incorporate natural light, an important component of the design,” Mark says. In addition to the architectural features, original artwork has also been commissioned for the space. 

Melinda Traylor, an eight-year cancer patient who has received chemotherapy three times, says not only is the new location state-of-the-art, but it also feels welcoming. " The colors and space provide the atmosphere of a healing place, making it somewhere I would  prefer to receive treatment," Melinda says.

Infusion Bays Designed to Accommodate Patients and Loved Ones

infusion center ribbon cuttingNew infusion center ribbon-cutting ceremony

There are multiple infusion bays, each having their own lighting, heating and cooling, allowing for individual patient needs to be met and responded to. Natural light combined with up lighting delivers a warm glow in the space. In addition, each bay is equipped with individual televisions and charging ports for mobile devices, as well as room for family members and loved ones.

For Melinda, who has spent up to eight hours in one sitting receiving treatment, the extra space provides more privacy, but most importantly, easily allows family members to be present during treatment.  "Having the comfort of family during this trying time is important, and this unit definitely allows that," Melinda points out.

Services in One Convenient Location

Located on the fourth floor of Good Samaritan Hospital, the infusion center includes radiation oncology, lab services, and a pharmacy all in a centralized location. “Another new feature of this center is that patients will be able to park on the fourth floor of the parking garage, and have direct access to the infusion center, without having to navigate through the hospital,” Mark says.

current infusion centerPrevious infusion center at Good Samaritan Hospital

Increased Space. Increased Privacy

The new space totals 9,000 square feet with separation between patient exam rooms and the infusion bays — a welcomed change over the previous 2,900 square foot space that offered no separation between exam rooms and infusion. “The existing center was small and crowded, and hard to navigate, with little to no privacy. By separating out infusion and patient rooms, we’re able to increase capacity, without increasing the number of infusion chairs,” explains Mark.


Last Updated: June 05, 2014