TriHealth Remote Patient Care


What is Remote Patient Care?

TriHealth Remote Patient Care, sometimes called Remote Patient Monitoring, is a way for a Care Team to stay connected to you. This service enhances your provider's care through a Care Team nurse and pharmacist who gather your health information, track your biometrics, such as blood pressure, and provide information that may help your condition.

How does it work?

Your primary care provider will refer you to one of the Remote Patient Care programs best fit for your needs. Each day, you track your metrics, such as blood pressure or weight, and answer short questions on your smartphone about your condition. The information is shared with your Care Team to help them assess your progress and identify areas where you might need additional support. The Care Team will support your health journey through coaching, education, and tips about your health.

Benefits of participating

  • Receive individualized health counseling at your convenience.
  • Maintain a sense of security knowing a healthcare provider is aware of your daily health status and supporting your needs.
  • Participate in the program conveniently from home, work or on the go.
  • Prevent future health issues, unnecessary emergency room visits, or hospital stays.
  • Request a video call with your Care Team with one touch through the mobile app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I being invited to participate?

You have been identified by your Primary Care Provider as someone who will benefit from participating because of your health status. The purpose of the program is to help you learn how to self-manage your condition so you can stay healthy.

How much time will this take?

On most days, your participation will take less than 5 minutes and a little longer if you spend time connecting virtually with the Care Team. You will receive notifications on your smartphone on a regular schedule to remind you to provide some quick and easy data in the most convenient way possible. Some days you will receive follow up questions or short videos.

Is there a cost to the program?

Depending on your recommended program, you may need to purchase a device such as a blood pressure monitor or scale, if you do not already have one. Many insurance companies cover Remote Patient Care Programs, but coverage will vary depending on your insurance company and policy. A Care Team member can provide you with service codes to review with your insurance provider before beginning the program.

Device Recommendations

If you have been referred to one of the Remote Patient Care programs and need a medical device to participate in the program, we recommend the following:

Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Device should be less than 5 years old. It is recommended to purchase a new one if the device is older than this or nearing this age.
  • Ensure the blood pressure cuff is the right size for your arm.
  • Wrist monitors are not recommended as they do not provide accurate readings.
  • Aneroid monitors are not recommended for home use because they require proper calibration by a licensed clinician.
  • Once enrolled in the program, watch the video in the Resource tab on the phone app on how to properly take your blood pressure to ensure accurate results. The Care Team will review with you.
  • For specific device recommendations, we suggest the following Bluetooth enabled blood pressure monitor that is compatible with our program. It is recommended that you confirm the correct cuff size that you will need before purchasing. The Care Team can assist you with this determination.
    • Welch Allyn Blood Pressure Monitor 1500 Series

Meet the Care Team

TriHealth’s Remote Patient Care Program is made up of a Care Team of nurses and pharmacists. This team enhances your Primary Care Provider’s care by supporting your health journey daily.

Kim Arvin, Pharm.D, BCACP

In 2019, Kim joined TriHealth's Population Health team to provide medication management services for our primary care physician offices. By expanding her role at TriHealth within the Telehealth Care Team, she enhances our program with her clinical experience and interpersonal skills to help educate and coach patients to improve their chronic conditions(s). Prior to joining TriHealth, Kim worked at UC Health in the outpatient pharmacy providing medication management, pharmacotherapy and “meds to beds” services. She also worked as a Pharmacy Manager at Kroger and provided medication and disease management services as a part of their clinical services.

Amanda Brown, CMA

Amanda Brown joined the Remote Patient Care team in 2022 as a certified medical assistant. Amanda has over 20 years of experience in healthcare, including Population Health.

Jocelyn (Joy) Gross, MSN

Joy joined the Remote Patient Care team in 2022 and has been a nurse since 2014. She received her BSN from Mount Saint Joseph University and her master’s degree in Nursing Administration from Indiana Wesleyan. Joy has experience in hospice, mental health, emergency services, case management, and mobile crisis intervention.

Stephanie Hollander, Pharm.D

Stephanie joined TriHealth in 2008, working in one of TriHealth’s outpatient pharmacies. In 2019 she joined the Population Health Pharmacy team where she supports primary care with various medication management needs. In 2021 she added support of the Telehealth team to her existing responsibilities. She enjoys helping patients by teaching them about their medications and helping with access issues.

Heidi Loughran, RN, BSN

Heidi Loughran obtained her BSN from the Indian University of Pennsylvania and has over 39 years of nursing experience specializing in Med/Surg, including Wound Care, Liver Transplant, and Orthopedics. Ten of those years, she worked in home health and hospice care. Heidi joined TriHealth in 2015, applying her case management skills working as a nurse navigator and care coordinator. Not only does she excel in meeting her patients' clinical needs, but she also tends to their spiritual and emotional concerns guiding and coaching others to improve their health.

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