2 Ways to Get the Most out of a Fitness App

Smartphone apps, like GAINFitness and Noom Coach , make it relatively easy for anyone to access a fitness coach. The difference between an app and an in-person health coach, however, is that with a virtual tool, you rely significantly on self-motivation.

So how do you stay accountable when you need a little push?

#1: Find an App that Meets Your Needs

"Apps are everywhere. You need to find one that works for you." Lori Slusser, Wellness Supervisor, TriHealth Corporate Health , explains. For example, while regular exercise is key for overall health, using an app that helps you track your calorie-intake, versus an app that streams live exercise classes, is more suited for someone who's trying to lose weight. (While exercise can boost weight loss, research shows that diet is more effective in terms of shaving off pounds.)

Although, if you simply want to refresh your fitness routine, using an app that recommends daily workouts would probably suffice.

#2: Use an App with an Element of Accountability

Whether you have a personal coach or a virtual coach, it's only worthwhile if you're willing to put in the effort. But, having scheduled, face-to-face meetings with a coach makes it easier to stay accountable to your fitness goals. The downside of apps is that you don't need to physically show up for a fitness session or weigh-in to prove progress.

If you're someone who needs accountability, choose an app that connects you with peers. For example, the RunKeeper app allows you to connect with friends so others can track your activity. 

"There's really no one model that is one size fits all," Lori adds. "To make it successful, it needs to be customized to your individual needs."

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