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Count on Us, in Sickness and in Health


At TriHealth, we don’t just see you as a patient. We see you as a person — someone with unique needs, concerns and feelings. Because we take time to listen to your story, we know how you live, what’s important to you, and your concerns and challenges. That’s because we believe health and healing are much more than curing you when you’re sick.

True healing supports your mind, body and spirit and empowers you to live your best life. It’s about helping you stay well, preventing illness and disease, and overcoming barriers that stop you from feeling your best. No one should have to do that alone.

TriHealth is your lifelong partner in good health. We empower you to feel your best through personalized care, guidance and wellness resources focused on you.

Your Trusted Partner

Our partnership with you is a personal connection that nurtures health and vitality at every life stage, including:

  • Human connection. You get personal, connected experiences showing we’re listening and we care. Your care team takes the time to understand your everyday challenges and long-term goals so we can help you feel your best today and in the future.
  • Advanced expertise. You receive care from a highly skilled team that puts your health and well-being first. We offer the latest treatments and medical advancements to provide exceptional, easily accessible care. You get personal attention and care that’s just for you.
  • Personal health guidance. We keep you on track with health screenings and immunizations and provide healthy lifestyle guidance. If you have ongoing conditions like diabetes or heart disease we help you feel your best by being proactive about your health. You learn how to manage your condition and prevent complications. You get the information and support you need to take control of your health.
  • A team approach. Our team of doctors, nurses and other providers work closely with a team of social workers, coordinators and other support staff to focus on all aspects of your health. We make it easier for you to get the resources you need — whether it’s bringing in a medical specialist from our vast medical network, connecting you with financial support, or finding support resources in your community. We partner with organizations throughout Cincinnati to enhance lives.
  • Choice and convenience. With so many TriHealth providers and locations across Cincinnati, you have a choice and a voice in your care. You choose a primary care doctor or a specialist you feel comfortable with at a location that’s right for you. You and your team create a health care plan that lets you achieve what’s meaningful to you.

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