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Thank you for your interest in volunteering for TriHealth!

Volunteers are one of our most precious resources. Good Samaritan and Bethesda North hospitals rely on more than 1,500 adult and teen volunteers from the community to help us deliver the kind of services and attention our patients deserve. There are a variety of volunteer opportunities for both adults and teens. Volunteers perform office work, transport patients, deliver flowers and mail, work at the Information Desk or in the hospitals' gift shops, or serve as Surgical Waiting Area liaisons. The Volunteer Resources departments will work with you to choose the area best suited to you and your schedule.

Adult Volunteers

Please print out and complete this form:

Adult Volunteer Application Form (PDF)

Please mail both pages to the appropriate Volunteer Resources office, listed below.

Confidential References Verification (PDF) - Bethesda North applicants only

Please be sure to sign the Confidential References Verification (at the black X) and mail this page, along with the two-page Adult Volunteer Application, if you're applying to volunteer at Bethesda North.

Junior Volunteers

If you are under the age of 18 and interested in volunteering at a TriHealth hospital, please review the requirements for volunteering (PDF), then complete and mail the following forms to the appropriate Volunteer Resources office, listed below:

Junior Volunteer Application (PDF)

All areas on the application need to be filled out completely and signed by a parent or legal guardian. A teacher or counselor from your school must complete the "School Recommendation" section. (You are allowed to have the teacher or counselor return the recommendation to you instead of mailing it directly to the Volunteer office.) Or you can send in a copy of your last report card if a teacher or counselor is not available.

School Recommendation or Report Card Copy (PDF)

Must be completed and signed by a parent or legal guardian

Emergency Medical Authorization (PDF)

Must be completed and signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Volunteer Assumption of Risk and Release (PDF)

Must be completed and signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Volunteer Statement Of Agreement (PDF)

Must be completed and signed by all volunteers.

Immunization Record

A copy of your immunization record from your personal physician must be mailed in with your application, or the physician's office can fax it to the appropriate hospital.

Once we receive the above items you will be called to schedule an interview and orientation.

Volunteer Services

Please send your completed application packets to the one of the following addresses. If you would like to volunteer at our Bethesda Oak campus, please mail your application to Good Samaritan Hospital.

Volunteer Services
Bethesda North Hospital
10500 Montgomery Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45242
Phone: 513 865 1164
Fax: 513 865 1469
E-mail contact: Corless_Roper@trihealth.com  

Volunteer Services
Good Samaritan Hospital
375 Dixmyth Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45220
Phone: 513 862 2368
Fax: 513 862 4931
E-mail contact: Catherine_Rafales@trihealth.com

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