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TriHealth Clinical Training & Testing Center

TriHealth Training Initiatives

The Clinical Training and Testing Center provides a variety of clinical improvement and research protocols as well as training programs. Many of these programs are mobile and can be offered at any of our TriHealth facilities. Our educators will work with you to design a unique and specific solution to improve your team members’ clinical performance that help maintain TriHealth’s status as one of the top 15 U.S. health systems in the nation.


INCEPT™ includes three training modules in which participants will receive hands-on training from our expert, physician instructors. Participants can receive one-on-one instruction and will have a program evaluation completed which will identify the persons’ strengths and weaknesses in each procedure covered. Click here for more information.


The Critical Obstetric & Neonatal Care Emergency Procedure Training (CONCEPT™), is a three stage, procedural training program for Health Care Providers (HCPs—OBs, Anesthesia, Nurses). By training participants on these procedures, we can improve patient outcomes by providing necessary education and tools for the providers to be properly trained before being involved in an emergent situation with mother or baby. Click here for more information.

 Expanded Physician Skills Training

This course offers additional training to physician team members to aid in refreshing skills, both those neglected and those needing a more thorough review. Training can be on-on-one or in a group and are conducted by a content expert. Click here for more information.

Code Readiness

This course prepares team members to manage a cardiac arrest, using high-performance teamwork strategies and familiarizes team members to the equipment used by the hospital.

Competency-Based Education (CBE)

Gone are the days where annual competencies were achieved with a poster-board and lecture. Use of task-trainers and high-fidelity simulation increases the amount of learning that occurs for individuals, while improving teamwork and communication.

In Situ

This type of training brings the patient simulator into your clinical environment to allow team members to “treat” the patient in a familiar setting with familiar resources. Research continues to indicate this type of simulation is preferred by clinicians, improves care and lowers cost.

Office Emergencies

The Office Emergencies course is an ideal course for the non-acute, outpatient or ancillary TriHealth departments where Rapid Response and/or Code Blue teams are not always available. This course applies to RNs, Mas, technicians and other team members within these departments.

Community Outreach Programs

The Simulation Center collaborates with, clinical educators, TriHealth’s EMS Coordinators and clinical experts to provide simulation-based training to our first responders, clinical students and local clinical programs and is the sole TriHealth provider of continuing education for area Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and is accredited by the Ohio Department of Public Safety (#1447).

Paramedic Refresher Program

The Paramedic Refresher Program is designed in conjunction with TriHealth’s EMS Coordinators, to meet the 48 Ohio Approved Paramedic Refresher Training Program Curriculum. This program combines the use of simulation, task-training, case studies and traditional lecture from content experts to review fundamental concepts while introduction emerging trends in EMS care and practice.

Airway Simulation and Assessment Program (ASAP)

This program is a specialty airway course created and delivered exclusively at the request of the southwest Ohio EMS communities. This course presents specific lessons based on the Southwest Ohio Protocol and reported problems encountered by area life squads that focuses on facilitating practical solutions.

Clinical Student Supplemental Simulation Program

The Simulation Center partners with external nursing, EMT and paramedic schools and programs to provide supplemental, real-world training experiences to students in conjunction with other healthcare provider.

Clinical Training & Testing Center Mission

To improve patient safety, patient care, and quality outcomes through multidisciplinary education, training and clinical improvement grant projects. The team provides extensive support for Bethesda Foundation grants for quality improvement and research projects as well as support for simulation-based learning and minimally invasive training and testing.

The Clinical Training and Testing Center supports healthcare practices in the greater Cincinnati community in an environment where quality, safety, service, respect, innovation, and education are integral to every aspect of patient care. The Center:

  1. Improves the quality of care and expands care options for our patients through our testing of product and/or process improvement strategies in the pursuit of discovering best practices
  2. Creates opportunities for scientific inquiry, collaboration, and the pursuit of knowledge among healthcare providers
  3. Provides first-in-class medical education and training to residents, fellows, and clinicians, using innovative strategies while applying best practice standards

About Us

Clinical Training and Testing Center (CTTC) is a progressive bioskills service facility located in Cincinnati, OH. Our network consists of two locations within the greater Cincinnati region; one located a Bethesda North Hospital and the other at Good Samaritan Hospital. It is our goal to provide healthcare professionals and medical device companies a real-world medical environment to safely practice and solidify important clinical skills. Our facility’s desire is to be a place for teaching, studying, training, and developing the latest and greatest medical or surgical procedures. The CTTC delivers the opportunity to reach healthcare professionals in many different fields such as General Surgery, Gynecologic Surgery, Cardiac Surgery, Orthopaedics, Critical Care Medicine, Trauma, and many others. Our primary mission is to discover best practices, test best practices and train on those best practices through our education labs and research projects. Each year both internal and external healthcare professionals utilize our bioskills lab to accomplish their medical research, education and training needs.

Our Bethesda North location is equipped with advanced didactic learning spaces as well as ICU and trauma simulation equipment. This location is equipped with multiple simulation models and associated skills equipment to support a wide array of clinical scenarios at various acuity levels. Some of our clinical improvement programs include EMS readiness courses, airway management, code readiness, robotic surgical practice, Professional Nurse Residency, physician office emergencies, obstetric and neonatal and physician skills training just to name a few. Our second location, Good Samaritan Hospital, is complete with didactic learning space with a hands-on bioskills lab with 3 fully-equipped ORs and the latest technology. This allows attendees to participate in realistic training programs before performing surgical or medical procedures for the first time to develop and hone new skills.

Our center strives to be a place where clinicians can go to develop an idea to better the lives of our patients- an idea that can be developed into a clinical improvement project, training program or research study. It starts with a conversation and a project is designed and implemented based on the outcome desired. Our team works with clinicians of all levels to complete the following: development of a project idea, submitting grant applications for funding if needed, data collection and analysis, and finally, publication of project results. We are willing to work with different clinicians in a variety of departments throughout the hospital in order directly improve patient care and cost savings.

Some of our event services include:

  • Specimen Procurement
  • Equipment and Instrumentation Management
  • C-Arm, Lead and Technician Procurement
  • Catering and Beverage Services
  • Research and QI study design
  • Literature Search and compilation with gap analysis ability
  • Protocol and Budget development
  • Statistical review and analysis
  • Publication/Presentation development
  • Grant Writing
  • Patient enrollment and oversight
  • Program development: curriculum design with physicians and clinical team, legal contracting, cross functional team leadership, federal trademark attainment
  • Social Media and Marketing strategy and follow-through
  • Clinical knowledge of pharmacy, drug packaging and patient education
  • TriHealth PI Initiated and Quality Improvement

    We work together with clinicians to develop project ideas and publish results to improve patient care and cost savings.

  • Our Team

    Our Clinical Testing Center is made up of passionate team members dedicated to driving positive change in patient outcomes.

  • Testimonials

    Browse testimonials from those who have worked firsthand with our clinical testing center.

Good Samaritan Hospital
375 Dixmyth Ave., Level 3
Cincinnati, OH 45220
Bethesda North Hospital
10500 Montgomery Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45242
CTTC Phone
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