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Care Everywhere Records Transfer

TriHealth participates in the Care Everywhere Network, which provides the opportunity for healthcare professionals to quickly exchange your patient information electronically. Agreeing to the secure, real-time exchange of information such as tests, procedures and other patient information allows you to get the right care when you need it, whether you are being seen at a TriHealth location or at a compatible facility throughout the world. There is no cost to you associated with this service.

Information to be Shared

Patient health information includes any information included on your personal electronic health record. The information that will be exchanged may include information about your:

  • Allergies
  • Medications
  • Medical, surgical, family and social history
  • Immunizations
  • Clinic and hospital visits
  • Test results (including HIV)
  • Diagnoses (including HIV)
  • Procedures

Information and Rights

In order for the secure exchange of your healthcare information, you or a legally authorized representative will be asked to sign an authorization form that will remain on file at TriHealth. You or your authorized representative may revoke authorization by submitting a request in writing to the medical office in which you receive care or:

Bethesda North Hospital
Attn: Medical Records
10500 Montgomery Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45242

Good Samaritan Hospital
Attn: Medical Records
375 Dixmyth Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45220

Privacy Note: Only healthcare professionals involved in your care at TriHealth can view your information.

The Care Everywhere Network

TriHealth can only exchange your patient information electronically with organizations using compatible electronic health record software through the Care Everywhere Network. You can view a complete list of that extensive network here on the Care Everywhere website.

For questions or more information, please click here.