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April 05, 2024

Learn to BE FAST in Identifying Warning Signs of a Stroke With Dr. Chris Zammit
Conditions & Care, Disease & Symptom Information, Neurology, Service Line

April 02, 2024

Dr. William Schnettler Discusses What to Know for Heart Care During Pregnancy
Health & Wellness, Heart, Service Line, Women's Health

February 28, 2024

How Does Menopause Affect Heart Health?
Heart, Service Line, Women's Health

February 28, 2024

Get the Facts on Colon Cancer Screenings!
Cancer, Conditions & Care, Disease & Symptom Information, Gastroenterology, Service Line

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19 Jun 2024
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Stay Safe During Extreme Heat

Beat the Heat!

Protect yourself and others when it's hot outside by staying cool, staying hydrated, and staying informed. Learn more.

Source:CDC - Extreme Heat

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Former Mayor of Lebanon's Heart Attack Recovery Journey

Community & News, Heart, Patient Stories, Service Line

26 Jun 2024

"If I had not gone to the emergency room, I would not be here today." That's what Amy Brewer, the former Mayor of Lebanon, Ohio for over three decades, had to say just months after an unexpected heart attack. Read more about Amy's story and listen to her tell her story about how quick care and knowing the signs saved her life.

25 Jun 2024

We checked in with Dr. Dallas Auvil, TriHealth Psychiatry System Chief to tell us more about the expanded Behavioral Health Services at TriHealth and how our collaborative care model allows providers to treat behavioral health issues, and any underlying health issues, all in a multidisciplinary setting.
How Frank Gardner Re-Invigorated His Life Following Diabetes Diagnosis

Community & News, Conditions & Care, Diabetes, Disease & Symptom Information, Patient Stories, Service Line

19 Jun 2024

When Frank needed part of his pancreas removed, it disrupted his body’s insulin production, and he wound up developing type 2 diabetes as a result. Through the TriHealth Diabetes Education Program, Frank is now back to living an active lifestyle, enjoying retirement and successfully managing his A1c.
Keep Summer Fun

Health & Wellness, Pediatrics, Primary Care, Service Line

19 Jun 2024

A little preparation will make this your safest summer yet. Most of us can't wait for summer’s carefree days — but carefree shouldn’t mean careless. Without taking some precautions while you’re outside, summer can end up being a real pain. Follow these tips to ensure that avoidable health problems don’t take the fun out of your summer.

14 Jun 2024

When temperatures soar during summer games, the Reds have recommendations for fans on how to stay cool and safe at Great American Ball Park.