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Clinical Training & Testing Center Testimonials

INCEPT ™ - What part of the program was most useful for your work?

“I loved the realistic experience and number of procedures; you are saving lives by offering this training.”

“I enjoyed the hands-on training and ability to be able to have multiple attempts at various procedures with specialists’ instruction”

CONCEPT—What part of the program was most useful for your work?

“Practicing vascular access” “Expectations of the ICU team/RN role during emergency obstetrical events”

“Simulations at Bethesda North & Good Sam involving OB emergencies” “Hands on practice of emergent situations” “Scenarios; acting our & thinking through the scenarios”


“The ED has been using the sim center for the past 11 years.  The high-fidelity simulators allow us to have “real time” training with our new graduates.  This improves their comfort level with the critical patient population that they will encounter in the ED.  The beauty is being able to pause a simulation to explain the “why”.  These are experiences that the new team members take back to unit ensuring improved critical thinking skills!” – Jeannie Burnie, Clinical Nurse Specialist

“The Simulation Center at Bethesda North provides a nice space for our initial Neonatal Resuscitation Program courses with adequate room for station set-up. The Simulation & Education Specialist has been VERY helpful with planning the details of more complex simulations involving the Neonatal Intensive Care and Emergency Departments from GSH!” – Susie (Susanna) Blessinger, Nurse Educator - NICU

“The Sim Center has been instrumental in assisting our Sim team to create "real-life" experiences by providing equipment, simulators and real time debriefing critique.  This has greatly enhanced our simulations and learning opportunities for the team members on the Mother Baby Unit.” – Connie Henderson, Educator MBU

“The MSICU has used the Sim center for our CBE’s as well as our ICU new hire classes. The sim rooms have enabled us to practice code readiness, sheath pulls, cardioversion and transcutaneous pacing. The support from the sim lab and the training equipment is excellent and allows ICU leadership to grow new ICU nurses into seasoned critical care nurses ready for anything.” – Michael Osterbrock, Nurse Educator

“Thank you to the Simulation lab team for coming out to provide simulation in the department!  Our team loves this type of learning for not only do we learn about caring for the patients, but we are also better able to improve our processes!  The multidisciplinary education on caring for a neonatal resuscitation was great in showing how improving communication is key when EMS, the ED and the NICU teams come together to care for our tiniest of patients.” – Kimberly Schmeusser, Nurse Educator

Good Samaritan Hospital PACU, Surgicare, PSS, Endoscopy, and OTC Team:

“Taking the information back to basics.  It gave me the confidence to know I could handle a code.”

“My confidence level was not as high until I practiced and simulated a code situation.”

“I feel like I can lead or know a certain role and perform with 100% accuracy – better quality.”

“Simulation helped me to feel more comfortable with operating the Zoll defibrillator.”

“I liked the reinforcement of information and the repetition of acting things out/or hearing things more than once.”

“The simulation was not intimidating or embarrassing.  It was an educational environment and an encouraging format to encourage each health care provider to gain confidence and fine tune their skills.”

“Great explanations/education.  Should be a yearly educational thing done on unit!”

“Doing step by step as a team helps us prepare for a true emergency.  Ongoing “mock” codes would be a great thing for all of us to do.”

“Code tips provided will be useful in future codes to help provide safe, competent patient care in times of emergency.”