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About Us

We provide operation and education services to improve patient care outcomes by helping learners of all levels integrate clinical knowledge with criticalthinking. Learners that come to our center can practice fundamental to advanced technical and non-technical skills in a safe and controlled environment utilizing task, procedural, and patient simulator platforms.

The Simulation Center is the sole TriHealth provider of continuing education for area Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and is accredited by the Ohio Department of Public Safety (#1447).

We seek to advance clinical practices through deliberate and purposeful education and training, using relevant, evidence-based, and innovative strategies in simulated and clinical environments. We achieve this by providing first-in-class medical education and training to nurses, physicians, residents, fellows, respiratory therapists, allied health clinicians and technicians and pre-hospital care providers.

Our goal is to be recognized as a resource for improving healthcare services, to create a place where team members can learn in a safe and dynamic environment and to support the community in which we serve.

Simulation Program Labs

The Simulation Center headquarter is located at Bethesda North Hospital, with an additional lab located at Good Samaritan Hospital.

The Bethesda North facility offers:

  • 1 larger conference room with digital display board
  • 2 smaller debriefing rooms with digital display board
  • 5 simulation rooms equipped with cameras and microphones for viewing
  • 1 task training room
  • 2 Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery Stations

The Good Samaritan facility offers:

  • 24HR badge access (after receiving approval)
  • 1 large simulation room
    • Equipped with multiple virtual reality trainers
    • 2 Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery Stations
  • 1 smaller simulation room

Mobile Simulation

In order to meet the needs of all our team members, the Simulation Center has the capability of going mobile. Many of our human patient simulators are wireless and tetherless, allowing them to be used outside of our labs.

Our simulators have travelled to multiple TriHealth facilities including:

  • Good Samaritan Hospital
  • Bethesda Butler Hospital
  • Good Samaritan Hospital at Evendale
  • McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital
  • Bethesda Arrow Springs
  • Good Samaritan Western Ridge
  • Thomas Comprehensive Care Center
  • Anderson Campus
  • Kenwood Campus


Human Patient Simulators

Our human patient simulators (HPS) range from adult to premature neonate and offer comprehensive clinical functionality and allows learners to immerse themselves into realistic patient care encounters.

Our simulators help recreate a variety of scenarios including trauma and obstetrics emergencies and can be adjusted to respond to the interventions being applied. Many of our simulators allow for voice communication and can interface with clinical monitors and equipment, including ventilators, to enhance the realism of the training.

Virtual Reality Trainers

There are a variety of virtual reality laparoscopic trainers located at our Good Samaritan location. These trainers allow clinicians to practice a variety of procedures in a safe and virtual environment.

Task Trainers

The Simulation Center has multiple task trainers available to practice isolated skills ranging from basic to advanced interventions and techniques.

Our task trainers have been used to practice:

  • Basic airway management
  • Intubation
  • Cricothyrotomy
  • Tracheostomy
  • Central line insertion
  • Arterial line insertion
  • Needle decompression
  • Chest tube insertion
  • Peripheral IV insertion
  • I.O. insertion
  • Ultrasound scanning
  • Synchronized cardioversion
  • Transcutaneous pacing
  • Defibrillation
  • CPR