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Minimally Invasive Training Center

Your Partner in Education and Training


The Minimally Invasive Training Center (MITC) at Good Samaritan Hospital wants to be your partner in education and training. We are devoted to providing you with essential, hands-on, expert instruction to continue your education. Whether you choose to use one of our established courses or, customize your own course to fit your team’s needs, our aim is to assist in the development of your team’s skill set. The use of detailed presentations, simulations, live models, and cadaver labs provides the opportunity for consistent, impactful teaching and learning experiences.

Why Partner With Us?

We recognize there is a need for providers of varying levels to be trained on common procedures and situations. Expert proceduralists are not always available and we realize there is a shortage. Patient outcomes are determined by the quality of care provided by our staffs and it is vital our staffs feel confident in their abilities to administer care when needed. Our staff is committed to helping you develop a custom or using a pre-existing course to increase knowledge and foster an increase in confidence as well. We all have the same mission and we are helping through effective, impactful, and data driven educational programs customized to fit your needs. Partner with us, we’re here to help.

Data Driven Outcomes

Our goal is to help stimulate the professional growth and excellence of health care providers while bettering patient outcomes. As trainings are conducted we collect data on each individual throughout the course. All the data is compiled to provide each group with individualized and group reports to reflect the improvements related to the various scenarios and techniques outlined in the curriculum. Our trainings are designed with the end result in mind – higher quality, more confidence, and better patient outcomes.

Are you interested in one of our training programs or, in designing your own? Feel free to contact us. We can discuss what you have in mind and also organize a tour of the MITC to show you our capabilities.

Helping Drive Innovation

About Us MITC

The MITC is also committed to assisting medical industry professionals with the development of new ideas and products. Our labs are equipped with the latest technology and fully stocked to help push products to the next level of innovation. The MITC provides an excellent space to conduct R&D and engineering evaluations on medical devices and/or advanced surgical techniques. We routinely partner with clinicians and companies pursuing innovations designed to improve our industry and patient outcomes. The MITC is committed to the exploration of these groundbreaking devices and surgical approaches.

Accreditations and Capabilities

  • United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Accredited
  • Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC) Accredited
  • Specimen
    • In-Vivo training models, Cadaver specimens screened and tested.
  • 3 Fully Stocked OR Stations
    • Overhead camera recording capabilities with multiple monitors for ease of display.
    • ORs also have laparoscopic capabilities
  • The TriHealth MITC can also provide imaging capabilities such as Fluoroscopy with a C-Arm or ultrasound.
  • A da Vinci Si robotic system may be available for use in the lab.
  • Conference Room with AV Hookup
  • Locker Room
  • Catering – Utilizing an outside vendor or, TriHealth’s resources

If interested in contacting us and/or utilizing the MITC. Please feel free to use the contact information on the right side of the page. We would be more than happy to organize a tour of the MITC, a meet and greet with staff, and discuss your needs.

Alert line Policy

The MITC is committed to the timely identification and resolution of issues that may adversely affect employees, or the organization. Therefore, the MITC has established communication channels to report problems and concerns, including a telephone hotline 1-800-467-0989. In the event that other resolution channels are ineffective, or the caller wishes to remain anonymous, the hotline establishes an avenue for employees or interested parties to report suspected criminal activity, illegal or unethical conduct, Animal Welfare Act issues, or violations of TriHealth policy occurring with the MITC. People who report problems or concerns can do so without fear of reprisal.