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TriHealth PI Initiated and Quality Improvement

TriHealth PI Initiated & Quality Improvement

Our center strives to be a place where clinicians can go to develop an idea to better the lives of our patients- an idea that can be developed into a clinical improvement project, training program or research study. It starts with a conversation and a project is designed and implemented based on the outcome desired. Our team works with clinicians of all levels to complete the following: development of a project idea, submitting grant applications for funding if needed, data collection and analysis, and finally, publication of project results. We are willing to work with different clinicians in a variety of departments throughout the hospital in order directly improve patient care and cost savings.

Currently, our studies range from the ICU, Emergency Department, Surgical Institute, and Women’s Health with funding ranging from $5,000 to $100,000. Please see below for details on how to apply:

Who can submit a medical research or clinical innovation grant?

  • If you provide patient care at TriHealth, then you are eligible to apply.

How does the Foundation grant process work?

  • Contact Us
  • Complete preliminary application with help from our team about your idea.
  • Submit a full proposal with a protocol and budget.
  • Bethesda Foundation

When are grants awarded?

  • TWICE a year: Please see the website for dates.

What kind of projects are approved?

  • The Grant Committee looks for projects that are ideally:
    • Measurable, sustainable, innovative, and scalable.

What happens after my project is approved?

  • Our dedicated team compromising of a coordinator, nurse, regulatory specialist, and statistician will help implement and analyze your project through start to finish. We are here to help!

Past & Current Projects

  • Pre and Post-Operative Exercise Program with Abdominal Wall Reconstructive Surgery
  • Double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study on the effect of multimodal analgesia on pain with insertion of levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system
  • Mindfulness Meditation: A non-invasive alternative and integrative therapy offered to palliative care inpatients with chronic pain
  • PANDORA: Post cardiac Arrest Neuroprognostication using the Diameter of Optic nerve sheath via ocular ultrasound
  • PLETH: Using pH, Lactic acid, LFTs, and temp on admission for post-cardiopulmonary arrest patients undergoing TTM, in tandem or in isolation, as a neuroprognosticating tool
  • Prevalence of Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococci in the ICU at Bethesda North Hospital
  • Effects of Fluidotherapy on Active Range of Motion and Pain: A Pilot Study

Download a summary of some of our past projects here (PDF).