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Job Shadowing

Job Shadowing at TriHealth

What better way is there to learn about a job than to see an expert doing it? Job shadowing is an excellent opportunity to do just that, and TriHealth is pleased to offer these experiences to high school and college students (ages 15 and older), as you consider the many career paths available in healthcare.

Job shadowing should not be confused with clinical rotations required as part of many degrees and certifications, such as nursing, respiratory therapy, surgical technology, etc. It is intended to be observational only: job shadowing participants are not permitted to have direct interaction with patients or with their medical records! These opportunities are typically approved for approximately 8-16 hours--though this may vary by department, setting and clinical unit, or in certain pre-approved circumstances.

If you are interested in taking advantage of a job shadowing opportunity, an application must be submitted along with additional documentation (specific immunization records, etc.). These items will be reviewed by our job shadow processing team before approval may be given. You may find links to the instructions and required forms above. All required items should be submitted together to:

Required Paperwork

*Please submit all items together in one email.*

Please Note:

  • Our job shadow processing team does not arrange nor match applicants to a specific department. Interested applicants should start by visiting TriHealth's Services and Locations. You will find details related to all TriHealth locations and specialty areas, along with contact information.
  • If you have already started a Medical School or Physician Assistant Program, you will follow a different process for shadowing. Please contact:
  • If you are looking for opportunities to volunteer at TriHealth, please go to: Volunteer


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