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Jonathan Buck MD

Why Choose Good Samaritan for Internal Medicine Residency?
As a primary care physician who chose to stay in the Cincinnati area and continue working with TriHealth, I certainly feel the internal medicine program prepared me well to take on my future career endeavor. The training that I received from both an inpatient and outpatient standpoint was excellent. I certainly felt very well prepared for either role as I transitioned my career. From a hospitalist perspective, you will have access to a team of teaching physicians engaged in your curriculum and learning. The workload is manageable, with an aim to focus on your training and career development and less on treating you like a cog in the machine. Training in the intensive care unit is superb, your ability to manage complex conditions will scale dramatically with each and every rotation. The support in those tough scenarios is unparalleled. Additionally, if fellowship is something you seek, we have had a very promising track record across all disciplines and the faculty and staff here will do everything in their power to aid in your success. The residency program is on the smaller side compared to others, fostering a more one-to-one learning environment as well as significant face time with subspecialists. The program is one big community, if you want to be known and build long-lasting relationships, Good Samaritan Hospital is an excellent place. To this day, I still engage with not just my co-residents at the time but also nursing staff, respiratory therapists, pharmacists, and other attendings who I have met along the way.

Why Cincinnati?
Originally from the Atlanta area, Cincinnati is probably one of the better kept secrets of the Midwest. Personally, I feel that it has everything a bigger city has to offer without the traffic. The city itself is quite walkable and has a downtown financial district as well as a Midtown living area with easy access to all of the entertainment you could want - theaters parks, stadiums, music venues, restaurants and the like. There is also an international airport that is only about 20 minutes away making travel a breeze. The weather is fairly mild compared to other places, you have 4 distinct seasons and can find something to do from an outdoor standpoint all year-round. Cost of living is very reasonable and as you put down roots, becomes a very tight and community.

Free Time?
While free time sometimes can be difficult to come by in a residency program, having the support mentioned earlier we will definitely enable you to feel that you are on pace in your training and able to relax occasionally. Whether you just need a weekend to catch up on self-care and personal errands, or go explore the many offerings the town has with your colleagues, the residency program will certainly aid in those close knit relationships. Personally, my wife and I often had my co-residents over for dinner parties and a little decompression, often with some of the attendings, as they would eventually become close friends, which is a testament to the community feel here at Good Samaritan.


Khaled Shawwa, MDKhaled Shawwa, MD


Graduating Class 2017
Nephrology Fellowship
Mayo Clinic

"Training at Good Samaritan Hospital was one of the most enlightening experiences I have had in my academic quest. Not only did I have the opportunity to be exposed to diverse pathology and challenging situations in the ICU, I received excellent preparation for the real world. One of the contributing factors to this was my frequent encounters with our Program Director, Dr. Scott Friedstrom, who gave me perspectives on life and medicine. I believe I received a solid education in internal medicine and professionalism, the latter being an experience that continues to help me beyond the three-year program."

Alan Putrus, MDAlan Putrus, MD


Graduating Class 2016
Gastroenterology Fellowship
Providence Hospital and Medical Center

"Since I began my Gastroenterology Fellowship I can say with great confidence that my residency training at Good Samaritan Hospital has prepared me very well to face the next milestone in my career. Good Sam offered me a great learning experience with a friendly environment, attending physicians who are eager to teach, and a hospital staff who is willing to help. Working hard, having the materials to succeed, and having the support of the residency program made it possible to obtain a fellowship. Good Sam will always be "home" to me. "

Francis Edeani, MDFrancis Edeani, MD


Graduating Class 2016
Gastroenterology Fellowship
Medical College of Wisconsin

"I immigrated from Nigeria to the US not knowing anyone in the United States. As important as it was for me to match into a residency program, it was even more important that I find a family wherever I matched. I was fortunate to interview at 12 programs. Good Sam stood out and rose to the top of my list because of the palpable joy, camaraderie and satisfaction the residents I had contact with exuded. It was easy to see that the PD and the rest of the faculty knew exactly what their vision was for the program, and this aligned perfectly with my vision for my future. Being at a community program did not hamper my career aspiration of becoming a gastroenterologist. The Good Samaritan Hospital Internal Medicine Program provided me with ample financial, academic and emotional support to participate in research and attend conferences. The environment as a whole was very conducive to learning and the attainment of excellence. I love the faculty, staff and my colleagues as we morphed into best friends and then family over the years. I know for a fact that Good Sam set me up to succeed. I matched to my top-ranked GI program for this reason. If I had to do it all over again, I would definitely choose Good Samaritan Hospital because I did not just accomplish my career aspirations here, I also found a family away from home."

Samer AlsammanSamer Alsamman, MD


Graduating Class 2015
Pulmonary/Critical Care Fellow
Wayne State University, Detroit, MI

"In the professional life, there is nothing better than loving your work or training place. During my first contact with the program, I sensed that Good Samaritan Hospital was the place I wanted to spend the years of residency in, and I wasn't disappointed. The residency program at Good Sam provided me with all the weapons needed to be a successful candidate for the next step in my career. As a fellow, I feel proud when I tell my colleagues about my residency training and the wonderful clinical experience I had at Good Samaritan Hospital."

Manuel Castro-BorobioManuel Castro-Borobio, MD


Graduating Class 2015
Infectious Diseases Fellow
University of South Florida, Tampa, FL

"Good Samaritan Hospital is without a doubt an excellent place to train in Internal Medicine. It offers a diverse patient population, reliable and caring staff, knowledgeable and professional Internal Medicine and specialist physicians, and state-of-the-art facilities. But even more important, the Internal Medicine program director, associate program director, coordinator, and faculty will make sure every resident has their needs fulfilled academically and personally, turning them into well-rounded physicians and ready to practice at the highest standards. To me, training at GSH was an invaluable opportunity and an enriching experience. It allowed me to accomplish my professional goals and made me a better person."

Sajid-Farooq-MDSajid Farooq, MD


Graduating Class 2014
Good Samaritan Hospital

"I know I made the right choice in selecting the Good Samaritan Hospital Internal Medicine Program for my residency training. From the very start, I was impressed by the work ethics, the rigorous learning and the challenging atmosphere of the program. The support of the Program Director and attending physicians for someone who had newly come to the United States meant so much to me. Our class was a wonderfully diverse group from many different cultural backgrounds, thus helping us learn from each other, and support each other like a family. The program leadership was very accessible and I never felt any qualms in approaching them with my questions and feedback; there was an ever-ready attitude to ‘move mountains’ to make things happen. The training at Good Sam helped me acquire a concrete foundation in clinical skills and taught me professionalism, compassion, and the importance of a kind word with a healing hand. I enjoyed immersing myself in the hospital’s strong culture of resident teaching as a senior and later as a hospitalist. Good Sam and its respected staff have assisted in honing my skills, and have given me the confidence to tackle any obstacles I face in life, as well as successfully pursue my career of choice. These three years turned out to be the best time of my life. If given the option to select my preferred residency program all over again, I would still choose Good Sam for my residency."

Ryan-Pack-MDRyan Pack, DO


Graduating Class 2014
Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, MI

"I was attracted to GSH because I knew training there would afford the opportunity to gain experience caring for patients with a vast array of pathologies in a close knit setting where the faculty and staff truly know and care about each resident as a person.  However, since I have graduated, I truly understand the value of the training and instruction I received. I can assure anyone, if you have the fortune of matching at GSH, you will learn to be a resourceful, thorough astute clinician, who is prepared to make a difference in the lives of patients in any setting."

Brian-Singeltary-DOBrian Singeltary, DO


Graduating Class 2014
Hematology/Oncology Fellow
University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

"Good Samaritan provided a comprehensive education in internal medicine while fostering a welcoming and close-knit culture. Extensive one-on-one time with specialists (almost our entire second year!) allows for individualized educational opportunities not found at university academic centers. Attendings and faculty are all very approachable. It’s evident they enjoy working with residents and further demonstrate that welcoming and congenial culture so deeply bred within the residency program itself. Good Samaritan’s track record in the sub-specialty match speaks for itself and a big part of this is attributable to its excellent research faculty. Research opportunities through the Hatton Institute are on par with many university programs and more than adequately prepared me for research as a fellow. The outstanding hospital staff, from nursing to social workers, allow residents to focus on medicine and their own education while eliminating busy work that so commonly plagues other programs. I certainly would not have been able to achieve my own career goals without the outstanding educational opportunities and support from Good Sam’s strong family culture."


Angel Mena, MD


Graduating Class 2013
Faculty Medical Center Director for Internal Medicine, Good Samaritan Hospital
Former Chief Resident of Internal Medicine Residency Program

Mother Teresa of Calcutta once said: “Let us touch the dying, the poor, the lonely and the unwanted, according to the graces we have received, and let us not be ashamed or slow to do this humble work”. I am blessed to have trained in a program that not only introduced me to these wonderful words but also provided with the tools to identify and integrate myself into such a giving environment. During my resident years I grew as a doctor and a friend, a physician and as an administrator. I was able to build a path to my professional aspirations.  I have found within Good Sam a family; I have found an endless community of learning. 

 Rafael BloiseRafael Bloise MD

Graduating Class of 2011
Palliative Care Fellowship at The Cleveland Clinic
Former Chief Resident of Internal Medicine Residency Program

"Good Sam gave me the opportunity to really create the meaning of my passion (Palliative Medicine and Hospice). All the essential tools are there. I feel prepared to confront the future because I was trained there. The program director and the associate staff really put effort into making something better out of the residents. My accomplishments today are the echoes of my pathway from such a great program. I have always said, 'if I were to do medicine again I would repeat it in the same place.' It was a wonderful experience. It was Good Sam."

Neha Gandhi MD, FACPNeha Gandhi, MD, FACP


Graduating Class 2005
Associate Program Director, Internal Medicine Residency Program
Faculty Medical Center Physician
Good Samaritan Hospital

"I am indeed proud to have trained in the Good Samaritan Internal Medicine residency program. In my formative years, this program played a tremendous role in shaping my clinical skills, as well as career goals. It is amazing to see the involvement of the faculty in nurturing the passion and provision of not only compassionate, but state of the art care to our patients.  This program has given me a wonderful learning experience, and over the years many new friends.  This program has made a significant contribution in my development as a physician and a teacher, and I am blessed to be a major part of this program."

Juan Mejia MDJuan C. Mejia MD

Graduating Class of 2000
TriHealth Hospitalist
Former Chief Resident of Internal Medicine Residency Program

"It was a blessing for me to have found the Internal Medicine program at Good Samaritan Hospital. It provided me with the tools I needed for my future. I was able to make lifelong friendships in this program and get involved in many extra-curricular activities. I would do it all over again. In fact, I am still connected to the residents through the TriHealth Hospitalist Program, a program that I had the opportunity to help develop."

 James Cranley MDJames P. Cranley MD, FACG

Graduating Class of 1983
Gastroenterology Fellowship at The Cleveland Clinic
Cincinnati Gastroenterology and Resident teaching attending

"The Good Samaritan Hospital Internal Medicine Program provided me with a wonderful medical education. It prepared me well for clinical practice; furthermore it allowed me to be accepted into the prestigious Cleveland Clinic for my gastroenterology fellowship. At the time there was this notion that you had to go to a university program in order to be accepted into a fellowship. However university programs were known to be three years of an arduous and demoralizing process. When I rotated as a medical student at the university hospital, I found many of the senior residents jaded and cynical. They referred to many of the patients as 'gomers' and obviously were not happy. I did not want to go through this 'rite of passage.' At GSH I had a wonderful experience and had no trouble getting a fellowship that I wanted. Many of my fellow residents also were accepted into various fellowships at esteemed programs. At Good Samaritan Hospital, you are treated as a respected colleague as you train. You are not verbally abused or forced to do 'scutwork.' The  teaching staff and attendings at GSH  are outstanding. I firmly believe that if you are motivated, you can get a better training than at a university program. The GSH Internal Medicine program proves that you can get a quality education and enjoy the process along the way."

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