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Academic and Didactic Conference Schedule

Case and Radiology Review – Every Thursday

This will be held weekly, consisting of reviewing interesting cases of the week or interesting radiology/advanced imaging studies and/or provide a forum for a scheduled topic of discussion pertaining to podiatric medicine and surgery. These events will be appropriately logged in the didactic activity log found in PRR as well as a hard copy log-in sheet which will be filed.

Journal Club – 3rd Tuesday, Monthly

Each resident will be required to select professional journal articles from recent publications to present to his/her fellow residents and faculty. Residents will be encouraged to analyze and critique the content and relevance of these articles as well as offer up suggestions for expanding on this research.

Research Meeting – Once Every Other Month

Residents will be required to submit original research to be considered for publication. Course on statistical analysis and research method will be scheduled throughout the course of the year to augment the resident’s abilities to analyze and publish their original research. To be held bi-monthly for updates on research.