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Good Samaritan Hospital Department of Surgery

Good Samaritan Hospital and its Department of Surgery have an enormously rich heritage, remarkable clinical reputation, focus on the underserved, and excellence in treatment services as well as medical education and research.

Initially established in 1852, the medical campus of Good Samaritan Hospital has been undergoing constant renovations, growth, and development, propelling it into the oldest, largest, and busiest private teaching and specialty care hospital in the greater Cincinnati area. Currently over one million square feet and housing nearly 600 patient beds including 23 major and 4 minor operating rooms, the medical complex of Good Samaritan Hospital, encompassing more than a city block, has grown substantially since starting as a mere 20 bed facility.

Staying at the forefront of medical technology with multiple da Vinci robotic surgical systems, Good Samaritan Hospital continues its mission and leadership role in promoting research and education and fostering the health and well being of every person.

As new developments in medicine and surgery arise, Good Samaritan Hospital and its Department of Surgery remain committed to making every effort to provide cutting edge advancements and supply the necessary services to those in need.

Good Samaritan Hospital
375 Dixmyth Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45220
Call (513) 862-3562