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Salaries and Benefits

  • View TriHealth Resident Salaries for 2023-2024 here.

Health & Dental insurance

All team members, including residents and fellows, pay all health care insurance premiums.

Life insurance

The program covers the cost of life insurance.

Long-term disability

After 4 months of employment full time staff members will be covered at 60% of their monthly stipend after 180 days of a disability.

Professional liability insurance

GSH provides residents with adequate liability insurance as required by the ACGME including a permanent, extended reporting endorsement (i.e. you are covered for residency related issues forever). Moonlighting is not required by the residencies; it is discouraged. It is not covered by this insurance.

Memberships / License

American College of Surgeons membership and Ohio State training license are paid for by the department.

Food stipend and discount

Each resident is provided a monthly food stipend. There is a discount on food purchased and eaten in the cafeteria. Free meals are provided for those on call. Reimbursement is provided for meals while residents are on away rotations.

Professional meeting expenses

Residents who are beyond the first year of postgraduate training are permitted to attend one national professional meeting per year. If presenting research the conference cost will be covered by the Department of Surgery and the E. Kenneth Hatton Institute for Research and Education. Educational (book) money can be used to cover the cost of attending a conference. The American College of Surgeons conference is attended by all chief residents and paid for by the department.


  • Access Surgery, Up To Date, and SCORE Curriculum provided
  • $1,500 for educational allowance each year
  • Lab coats with full laundry service
  • Free parking
  • Free membership to TriHealth Fitness and Health Pavilion
  • Call room for all five years
  • Surgical loupes paid for
  • USMLE Step 3 paid for if taken and passed within the intern year

Paid vacation plan

  • First post-graduate year: 4 weeks
  • Second and subsequent post-graduate years: 4 weeks 
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