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Bethesda Family Medicine Center

Integral to residency training is the busy Bethesda Family Practice Center. Located in the suburb of Norwood, 12 miles from Bethesda North Hospital, the center serves patients from all socio-economic backgrounds. 

The center functions as a private practice with an office manager, medical records and business office personnel, and nursing staff. There are 16 exam rooms. Located on site are X-ray equipment and a surgical room used to perform minor surgical procedures. Like many area hospital systems, we use the EPIC medical record software and have since 2009 which avoids cumbersome chart abstraction.  Access to patient charts is available anywhere through a secure internet site, which is very useful both at home and at the hospital. There is an abundance of computers at the Family Medicine Center so finishing charts is not a hassle.

There are three teams at the office. Each team has two attending physicians, six residents (two residents from each PGY year), and two medical assistants. There are also two sports medicine fellows. During a typical day, patient messages are answered by the residents and attendings that are in the office that day. 

In general, first-year residents are assigned to the center one half-day per week, second-year residents are assigned two half-days per week, and third-year residents are assigned three half-days per week. Continuity of care is encouraged and expected in office patient assignments.


Bethesda North Hospital

Bethesda North Hospital serves as the main location for the majority of our inpatient rotations. It is a 370-bed hospital located in northern Cincinnati that originally opened in 1970. A seven-story patient tower was added in 2007. This hospital is in the top five percent in the country for clinical excellence with the following attributes:

  • Cincinnati’s leader in acute heart attack care
  • First and only breast center in Greater Cincinnati accredited by the American College of Surgeons
  • Top choice for maternity care in northern Cincinnati
  • Greater Cincinnati’s most preferred hospital for orthopedic care
  • Among the top 100 U.S. hospitals for cardiac care
  • Only designated trauma center in northern Cincinnati
  • Cincinnati’s most experienced provider of endoscopy and digestive health services

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

At this top-of-the-nation center for pediatric care, we spend time with the general inpatient service, the pediatric primary care (PPC) center, the Emergency Department and the pediatric orthopedic service. This hospital is located in Cincinnati next to the University of Cincinnati Hospital. Although the list of attributes is too large for this description, one notable item is the use of family-centered rounds in the hospital. This form of rounding has been found to improve the health team-family communication, as everyone is present for the discussion of the plan of care each day.

Bethesda Family Practice Center(1)
1775 West Lexington, Suite 100
Cincinnati, OH 45212
Call 513 977 6758

Minimum Requirements 513 977 6753
Fax 513 531 2624