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Study Title IRB/Hatton#
Impact of defecation posture on ease of first bowel movement following posterior repair 23-087
Impact of defecation posture on ease of bowel movements in patients with a rectocele 23-090
Utilizing a care pathway to improve attrition rates in overactive bladder patients (QI) 23-091
Effect of postoperative educational video for catheter care (QI) TBD
Use of a dual-agent local analgesic (bupivacaine-meloxicam) for abdominal incisions in patients undergoing retropubic mid-urethral sling surgery 22-102
Severity of symptoms at presentation in black women with overactive bladder 23-016
Postoperative Antibiotics Following Sacral Neuromodulation Implant Surgery 23-038
Pelvic floor disorders and Ehler’s Danlos/Connective tissue disease 23-060
Effect of peri-operative bundle on incidence of symptomatic postoperative UTI in a urogynecology practice (QI) 23-068
Silver-coated catheter versus standard catheter for UTI prevention in a short-term transurethral indwelling catheter population after pelvic reconstructive surgery 22-004
Evaluation of preoperative counseling video on anxiety in patients undergoing prolapse surgery 22-094
Motivations of long‐term pessary users: A qualitative study 22-112
Comparing postoperative pain after LigaSureTM vessel sealing device versus conventional suturing methods for vaginal hysterectomy and pelvic reconstructive surgery 21-094
Is same day discharge (SDD) following total vaginal hysterectomy (TVH) and pelvic reconstruction feasible and safe? 21-101
Comparison of Urine pH Levels and Pain Scores in Patients with an Active Interstitial Cystitis Flare 21-110
Effect of Postoperative Educational Video on Caregiver Preparedness Following Urogynecologic Surgery 22-067
Composur, A Patient-centric, Phase IV, Open-label, Prospective, Real World US Study to Evaluate Vibegron on Patient Treatment Satisfaction, Quality of Life, and Healthcare Resource Utilization in Patients with Overactive Bladder 21-073