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The McCullough-Hyde Foundation is excited to announce the launch of the Community Granting Program, as part of the expanded philanthropic mission of the Foundation. It is anticipated that more than $200,000 in funding will be available annually through this grantmaking program. The Community Granting Committee will grant $50,000 during the August 15 cycle.

The Community Granting Program is a philanthropic program that makes investments that address significant health needs of local communities. The Foundation will partner with and provide funding to local organizations that are leading the way to build healthier communities.

The McCullough-Hyde Foundation invites proposals from organizations for programs and projects that focus on education, prevention programs, awareness efforts, wellness opportunities and direct care in the following areas:

  • Mental Health
  • Alcohol and Drugs Abuse
  • Access to Healthcare
  • Food Insecurities and Obesity
  • Healthy Behaviors

Apply Here

Application Deadline: August 15, 2023 at 5 p.m. (Eastern)


Organizations must be a 501(c)(3) or other not-for-profit organization (or have a tax-exempt fiscal partner) located in Butler County (OH), Franklin County (IN), Preble County (OH) or Union County (IN).

Funding Cycle and Deadlines

August 15, with notification in October
December 15, with notification in February

Application and Selection

The Community Grant Application link is located online at The application process is comply contained within an online portal.* Grant applications will be reviewed and considered by the Community Grant Committee. The Community Granting Committee will submit a slate of selected grants to the Board of Trustees for final approval.


Request for Proposal Letter 
Granting Guidelines
Application Overview
Community Granting Program FAQs

2022 Community Health Needs Assessment 


Please direct all questions related to the Community Granting Program, application process and grant guidelines to Executive Director Tyler Wash at or (513) 524-5650.

*The McCullough-Hyde Foundation is proud to partner with the Bethesda Foundation to provide the Community Grant Application in an online, streamlined process. While the name "Bethesda Foundation" may be visible at points through the application and online process, be assured that the grant application is a part of the McCullough-Hyde Foundation's Community Granting Program.

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