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As a nonprofit hospital, McCullough-Hyde depends on the generosity of donors and the support of the Hospital Foundation to provide excellent care for its patients.

The Foundation Development Office works with the hospital's board of directors to determine how funds are distributed. Hospital needs are evaluated annually to ensure the greatest needs are met first.

The Foundation

The McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital Foundation is responsible for receiving all charitable contributions to the hospital, managing and distributing those funds, and ensuring their use is in accordance with donor wishes.

How and why was the Foundation established?

The Foundation was established in 1942 by sisters Daisy McCullough and Elizabeth McCullough-Heath. Their estates provided funds and the family home site on which to build a hospital. In 1951, the Foundation expanded with estate gifts from the Hyde family of Indiana: Kathryn and Benjamin Hyde, and brother Edward. The initial gifts of the McCullough and Hyde families led to the construction of McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital, which opened its doors in 1957. Since then, the Foundation has focused on raising and investing funds to support equipment, education and capital needs of the hospital.


The McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital Foundation provides financial support for quality comprehensive medical services and programs to meet the evolving needs of our diverse community!

Facts about the Hospital Foundation

  • In the last 15 years, the Foundation has funded more than 5 million in scholarships, equipment purchases, staff training, and services for patients and staff.
  • More than $132,000 was spent in 2014 on equipment and facility upgrades.
  • The Foundation provided over 19,000 to support staff education and continuing education through the Larry Kist, Richard Daniels, and Christopher Daniels funds.

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