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Doctor on Call: Best Supplements for Winter

January 14, 2020
Doctor on Call: Best Supplements for Winter

Getting that fresh start on your health and fitness for the new year can be an uphill battle when the affects of winter weather often leave you not feeling your best. To help counter these effects, many turn to over the counter supplements, but which supplements are best to take during the cold winter months and why? In this segment of TriHealth's Doctor on Call, Amanda Chaney, DO, a family medicine specialist with TriHealth answers this question and more including:

  • How much of each supplement should you take in per day?
  • Which purpose does each particular supplement serve?
  • Can a multivitamin help you get enough of each of these supplements?
  • Doctor on Call is a segment in partnership with WCPO-TV featuring TriHealth physicians answering medical questions submitted by viewers to WCPO. You can submit a question here.