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TriHealth Table Talk: Springtime Allergy Questions Answered

May 16, 2019
TriHealth Table Talk: Springtime Allergy Questions Answered

Springtime allergies. It’s a topic that affects so many and comes with so many questions. How can you tell allergy symptoms from an illness such as a cold? Why are allergies stronger in the spring? What is pollen and what affects pollen counts? How can you decrease exposure to pollen? How can you treat the symptoms and what are your options for treating the condition itself? What about other allergies such as foods and certain materials?

Experts from TriHealth Allergy & Immunology answered these questions and more during a recent panel discussion on Facebook Live about springtime allergies. Listen as Kelly Metz, MD, Michael Goodman, MD and Heather Hartman, MD provide detail on allergy causes, symptoms and treatment options.

This video was first broadcast May 10, 2019 via Facebook Live. Follow our Facebook page for more videos and health information.