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Meet Retired Teacher and TriHealth Patient, Mary Giwer

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January 03, 2024

"I've never had a really bad doctor, but it’s different when you get one that goes above and beyond like Dr. Recht did for me.”

When TriHealth patient Mary Giwer came in for a surgical procedure a few months ago, she was anxious as she also receives regular dialysis treatments and had one scheduled for later the same day.

If her bloodwork wasn’t at safe levels for surgery, it could've thrown the whole schedule off as she would have had to receive dialysis before the procedure

“I was so nervous that everything would be held up by the bloodwork that I didn’t even recognize Dr. Recht when he came into the room,” Mary said, laughing to herself. “He smiled and patiently reintroduced himself when he realized I didn’t know it was him. The whole thing was very funny.”

As they waited for the results of the blood test, Mary was impressed by the time Dr. Recht spent with her answering her questions.

“He made me feel much safer about everything and made sure I understood what was going on,” Mary said.

Her bloodwork came back at safe levels, so they were all cleared for surgery.

“I was still anxious," she said. "But Dr. Recht even let me keep my Crucifix necklace with me during the procedure for good luck - it really helped me feel more comfortable.”

Following the procedure, Mary was again surprised by the time Dr. Recht spent with her to make sure she was feeling alright about everything in post-op, as well as receiving her dialysis later that day.

“They really make me feel like I’m not just another number,” Mary said. “With him and with TriHealth, I’m a real person.”

Mary continues on as a patient with the TriHealth, crediting her physicians Dr. William Martin, Dr. Michel Kourie and Dr. Jamie Lea Welshhans much in the same way she does Dr. Matthew Recht.

“The doctors here spend a lot of time making sure you feel safe as a patient,” she said. “They’ve all helped me slow down and take things one step at a time.”

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