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Health Talk Live: Extended Expert Panel on COVID-19 Vaccines

January 28, 2021
Health Talk Live: Extended Expert Panel on COVID-19 Vaccines

During a recent takeover of Local 12’s noon news broadcast from TriHealth’s Good Samaritan Hospital COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic, Liz Bonis was joined by a panel of experts to provide in-depth news and information and answer questions about COVID-19 vaccines as well as local efforts to distribute them. The panel included:

The panel covered questions and topics such as:

  • Their own experiences and side effects with the vaccine, including the second dose, and why they received it to protect themselves, their patients, their families and their community
  • The latest news on COVID-19 numbers and hospitalizations
  • The safety of COVID-19 vaccines and how they work
  • Dispelling some of the common myths around COVID-19 vaccines and calming some nervousness in the community
  • Where we currently stand in the Ohio Department of Health’s plan for distribution, who is currently eligible, and how local health systems and organizations are collaborating to achieve our goals
  • The outlook for adding a third vaccine from Johnson & Johnson and what impact that might have
  • The effectiveness of the vaccines when considering mutations of the virus
  • The impact of vaccination efforts on the wearing of masks and social distancing and how we can achieve herd immunity