Health Talk Live: Panel Discussion on the “Twindemic” and Liz Gets Her Flu Shot

November 11, 2020
Health Talk Live: Panel Discussion on the “Twindemic” and Liz Gets Her Flu Shot

With the number of COVID-19 cases reaching record levels and the onset of flu season, people naturally have many questions about the latest on both diseases and the added complications of adding flu season on top of the pandemic. In this extended segment of TriHealth’s Health Talk Live, Local 12’s Liz Bonis speaks with a panel of experts about topics relating to the “twindemic.” Members of the panel include:

In addition to touching on some of the more recent and relevant topics surrounding COVID-19 and Flu, the panel answers questions from viewers and Liz and her team demonstrate the importance of getting a flu shot by receiving their vaccinations on the air. Topics and questions discussed during the segment include:

  • An update on COVID-19 numbers and hospitalizations and the latest on hospital preparedness as numbers rise
  • Information on why COVID-19 cases are on the rise in spite of masks, social distancing and restrictions in place to reduce the spread
  • A promising new monoclonal antibody treatment that can help reduce COVID-19 hospital admissions for at-risk patients
  • The latest on the spread of COVID-19 in children and precautions and advice to allow them to stay healthy and continue important activities such as school and sports as flu season begins
  • Information on COVID-19 and pregnancy and support and precautions available for expecting mothers during the pandemic
  • The overlapping symptoms of COVID-19 and flu and what protocols are in place to limit risk while testing is done to determine whether or not a patient has either disease
  • The importance of getting a flu shot and why flu vaccinations are an annual need
  • How expectant mothers can protect not only themselves, but their babies by receiving a flu shot
  • Advice for a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving with your loved ones during the pandemic
  • The importance, now more than ever, for open communications with your doctor
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