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Taking Care of Our Own

March 05, 2019
Taking Care of Our Own

Clinical excellence with compassionate care is something patients naturally seek—never more so than when they’re preparing to deliver a baby.

That powerful combination is what first drew Katie Woodruff, 31, of College Corner to TriHealth’s McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital. She has given birth to all three of her children there, including Gracelynn, who was born on January 15.

Katie ended up delivering during one of the busiest weeks the hospital has ever experienced—seven babies born in a 24-hour period. Yet even this high patient volume didn’t affect the high quality of care or service.

Katie knows one of the McCullough-Hyde maternity nurses personally. “She was with me when both my boys, Nathan and Clayton, now 7 and 3, were born,” says Katie. “As I was walking the halls, trying to help my labor progress, I overheard the staff calling her in because of the extra patients.”

Katie hoped that she might have her friend with her again when she delivered, and she did.

“She was so great,” remembers Katie. “She didn’t show any sign of stress that she was working extra hours. She’s someone who’s been at the hospital for 14 years, which tells you something about working at McCullough-Hyde. Many of the other staff have been there a long time, too.”

Happy to do Their Part

Katie’s OB/GYN, John Harlan, MD, also arrived to lend a hand, even though he wasn’t on call. “Dr. Harlan delivered all my kids,” says Katie. “Even though he wasn’t scheduled that night, he came in anyway, along with the other physician in his practice, Dr. Daniel Stein, and the midwife, Donna Bostick. They all stayed because there were so many women delivering.”

For his part, Dr. Harlan says that this long delivery day was definitely a group effort, with everyone in his office assisting. “The day of Katie’s delivery was just after a cold snap—people had been snowed in, and as weather warmed up, it seemed everyone went into labor at once.”

He adds, “I’ve known Katie and her husband, David, for quite a while, and they’re like many young parents in our community. They’re warm and compassionate people working hard to build a strong, healthy family.”

Known For Quality and Caring

McCullough-Hyde’s maternity facilities include Labor-Delivery-Recovery rooms that provide a home-like atmosphere and private postpartum rooms. But it’s the hospital’s reputation for caring that draws many maternity patients.

“I’ve always felt there’s something special about the obstetrics department at McCullough-Hyde—the way they treat you with such care and kindness,” says Katie. “I don’t know if the nurses go through some kind of special training, but each time, they made me feel as if it were my first baby. I know friends who drive miles out of their way to come to McCullough- Hyde and have their babies because they know of their great reputation and services.”

Dr. Harlan says: “People from our community know that they’ll receive warmth and a face-to-face encounter from caregivers whenever they go to McCullough-Hyde. Members of the nursing staff in particular work so well together. The day of Katie’s delivery, they were helping each other and trading off so all the moms were covered.”

Making a Difference

McCullough-Hyde medical staff members are highly skilled, experienced and, most importantly, want to make a difference in their patients’ lives.

Dr. Harlan sees this firsthand. “Whenever I’m there, I feel as if we’re taking care of our friends and neighbors and cousins,” he says. “And if it’s not my family members, it’s the mother-in-law or cousin of someone I know. We’re taking care of our own, and each other. It feels good.”