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Health Talk Live: Shannon's Life-Changing Surgery

November 25, 2020
Health Talk Live: Shannon's Life-Changing Surgery

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the importance of overall health, wellness and lifestyle to the forefront. Some of the comorbidities that increase the risk if you happen to contract COVID-19 are often associated with obesity, reminding patients and healthcare providers that weight loss is about more than fitting into your favorite jeans.

In this segment of TriHealth’s Health Talk Live, Liz Bonis from Local 12 speaks with Shannon, a patient at TriHealth Weight Management, who has successfully lost weight following gastric bypass surgery. She shares how she feels after getting her life back, how much weight she’s lost and the impact on her overall health; including relief from some of the health conditions that put patients with COVID-19 at higher risk.

Liz and Shannon are joined by George Kerlakian MD, a bariatric surgeon with TriHealth Weight Management, who performed the surgery. He explains how the surgery works and praises patients such as Shannon whose compliance and commitment improve their chances for successful weight loss.

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