Clovernook Center, TriHealth Partner on Accessible Materials

December 07, 2021

Clovernook Center for the Blind & Visually Impaired (Clovernook Center) and TriHealth officially announced a partnership to create accessible business cards for the more than 12,000 healthcare professionals working under the TriHealth medical umbrella.

Clovernook Center has traditionally been a provider of braille books and magazines, but recently expanded to use its expertise to address areas of inaccessibility in the workplace. By identifying and finding a solution for a common communication challenge, Clovernook Center and TriHealth are setting a precedence for future employers. 

“We commend TriHealth for their commitment to accessibility for all employees, and we’re proud to work alongside one of the region’s top medical systems to introduce a groundbreaking solution like smart business cards,” said Chris Faust, Clovernook Center President and CEO. “Most of us take for granted the ease of a common introduction, but for the blind and visually impaired, it can be a roadblock to success. TriHealth’s business cards are one way to break down more barriers.”

“While to some this might seem like one small change, it represents something much larger,” Faust added. “TriHealth is one of the region’s largest employers, and their commitment to making materials used in their everyday business accessible shows their continued commitment to everyone in our community. These cards won’t only benefit those with blindness or visual impairment – they can help those with dexterity issues who might not be able to easily manipulate the relatively small screen of a smartphone and make it easier for those with different cognitive abilities as well.”

The new accessible business cards include QR codes that upload all the information from the card directly into the recipient’s contact list on their smartphone, as well as read the information aloud. These QR codes contain tactile indicators so those who are blind or visually impaired can easily find and scan the code with their phones. The smartphone technology that allows the card to import the data and read it aloud for the user is already on all smartphones. This technology transforms business cards from something inaccessible into something that is not only accessible but also useful to everyone, regardless of abilities, without the friction of manual input.

“As the fourth largest employer in Greater Cincinnati, we strive to ensure every single medical professional can be successful in making connections,” said Tashawna Otabil, Chief Diversity Officer & Vice President of Managed Care at TriHealth. “This is one small touchpoint that could make a big impact in the lives of many, and it symbolizes our commitment to equal opportunity and career growth for all of our team members.”

Since 1903, Clovernook Center has been committed to its mission of empowering individuals who are blind or visually impaired to be full and active participants in their communities. Clovernook Center offers an inclusive workforce and produces accessible products for global organizations. As the world’s largest producer of braille materials, Clovernook Center is proud to provide equitable access to print information for individuals all around the world.

TriHealth plans to introduce the new smart business cards in 2022, beginning with its executive leadership team and working throughout the entire organization. Clovernook Center intends on expanding accessible business card partnerships to additional employers in the new year.

“We look forward to continuing our partnership with TriHealth, as well as partnering with other organizations interested in finding ways to make their organization more accessible to people of all abilities,” Faust said.


Last Updated: December 07, 2021