TriHealth Expanding Use of Glass Enterprise Edition Technology

July 27, 2017

July 27, 2017

TriHealth announced it will continue to expand the use of Augmedix, powered by the newly announced Glass Enterprise, to physicians across primary care, orthopedics, and other clinic-based specialties. The effort supports TriHealth's commitment to improve patient care, enhance physician workflow and reduce physician burnout through use of innovative technology and services.

“We are proud to have been both an investor in, and an early adopter of, Augmedix powered by Glass,” said Mark C. Clement, TriHealth President & CEO. He added, “TriHealth is continually seeking out innovative new ways to improve the care and service we provide our patients, while enhancing the practice experience for our valued physician community – and the Glass technology is hitting it out of the park on both fronts.”  “Glass allows our physicians to spend more time providing exceptional, personalized care to patients, while also enabling them to increase the quality and accuracy of their patient notes with far less time and effort.”

Augmedix, the HIPAA-compliant documentation automation platform that combines Glass with a remote scribe to free doctors from hours of mandated charting and documentation so they can get back to the work they love: taking care of patients.

Before entering the exam room, a physician dons Glass and is able to talk with patients rather than bury their head in a computer screen. Throughout the visit, a remote scribe will help the physician retrieve a patient’s medical history, call up lab notes or pharmacy records, and create chart notes of the visit in real-time.

"We are excited to see TriHealth's innovative application of Glass and Augmedix yield substantial benefits to patient care in a real world clinical environment.  We look forward to seeing TriHealth expand the use of Glass Enterprise Edition in Ohio," said Jay Kothari, Project Lead, Glass.

"I have been thrilled with wearing Glass with Augmedix. It brings a scribe into the exam room in a non-obtrusive way.  It allows me to be hands-free from the computer,” said David DeMarco, M.D. a TriHealth Family Medicine Physician. “Looking my patients in the eye and closely listening to their concerns is easier than ever. Patients appreciate the personalized care, and I appreciate the thorough notes taken by my scribe. I have reinvested the time I previously spent documenting between encounters for handling lab results, refill requests and phone messages. Proof-reading the pre-written notes at the end of a session are much less mentally taxing than reliving each encounter and typing or dictating myself."

TriHealth is an early pioneer in Augmedix, which is also live with hundreds of primary care doctors, specialists and surgeons across the United States. Dignity Health, Sutter Health, and Catholic Health Initiatives are among many of the large health systems from across the country who have recently deployed Augmedix.

Last Updated: July 27, 2017